Trying To Find Home Again from Winter Fairies: “Even Despite Myself”




Cold, cold, cold the morning; cold.
Coffee warms my hands.
Unraveling memories; seeming dull
Still night dreams, do unfold.

Low clouds covered the forest
Eyes that see not before us.

But, follow the pale path
Neath the weary feet.
See it! There! Underneath!


Wet leaves covered the way.
Then look closely if you may.

Sprinkled sparkling faerie dust
Shimmers neath the leaves.
And, if you follow the shining lights
Those sights shall take the lead.

Following the strath of twigs and weeds …
Growing near the path
The wetness of the leafy stuff
Still bares the night time mask…

Here, there, turns and twists
Mark a path which won’t resist.
All night long seeking an end.
Running, skipping and stumbling on shin.

Searched, knocked, and sought
Only not to find
Any faerie myths…
Oh, how my heart…
Does pine.

I tired of your game,
Oh, Faerie
Running your path night long.
Then decided I,
Best to wander home.

And, vaguely remembering sanity
Since safety departed me,
Calling from the woods
It growled ferociously.

Sad and disturbed
Missed you again!
And, lowering my face,
Bares a fools return.

Hey, Look yonder!!!
There! My Mims!
To be greeted by their love!

The open arms of my kin.

My family who loves me dearly,

And they who prayed me  home

That night.

Even despite myself. ,

Even despite myself.


Special thanks to my Late mother, Babe, my Skipper B, my Dear sister Carol, my daughter Elysia and my son Joel. They “who safely, yea, safely prayed me home that night.”

The LineageA Gift To My Children


The genius passed down smugly rewarding insanely unyielding,
On family endowments. If the gift acrid? You, donned backward.
For, daddy was a scientist, and mother a book-keeper,
my sisters college graduates and I a truth seeker.

The memories of Daddy and Mother who showed us so much,
the stars and the Heavens and the road to eternal life.
Because the genius smug and often insane.
And the civil casualties such a shame…

Part Two

So, the gift of blood held treasures to be,
a gift, a mantle, a portion for thee
and if used well my inherited three,
Elysia, Joel and Jacob; are ye
who may choose wisely or may choose not,
but the gift of blood is all that I got.
It is up to you three to charge the blood
To make a talent or a challenged drudge
And if you find the tasks it too great.
Than remember that Grand Ma Mas’ watching how you steer your fate.

*Note: Grand Ma Ma’ (French pronunciation)

Bonnie Jennings 11/1/2011

Beloved Kwark

Everywhere in darkness quarks are found. 
Nicknamed, Kwark, who awaits patiently. 
The mission, a spoken word or belief that propels Kwark to act earnestly. 
The up (+) conjoins the down (-) forming “The God Particle” that ignites the dark space! 
They illuminate alien parasites. 
Mad scientists declare, “no!”
Working day and night trying to defunct, Kwark, so they seek…. 
But, I know better. 
Today, Emily, seven, is healed miraculously of negative cancer.
Kwark came. The soured blood moved out.
The warriors conquered cancer on Emily’s behalf through positive commissioned prayers. 

Impish Children Fables For Jacob By Mimsi (bojenn)


Blondie locks, four, thinks she’s seven.
At Antoines five star taste of Heaven.
Tinkering a plate between index and thumb
Delinquent smile.
Oh, Blossoms impish Madame.
Parents laugh and look away
“precious daughter”… Of dismay
Rolling eyes, serious frowns
Precocious brat!
You should be home,
in a nightgown!
Child of Bohemian parents
donned in pricey Boho vestments.
The plate falls and the salad sprawls
On polished black leather shoes
Demanding an apology for certain
But not behind a curtain!
Blondie’s laughter and her sitting backwards
Was more than the client could take
His finger points, “Your brat’s a naughty disaster!
But dad mocks an answer of defiant laughter.
Then, mom and pop’s hand waved, “excuse you!”
sending the scolding patron “adieu.”
So, their darling escaped rebuke
Squirming uncontrolled, followed a puke
Because, mom and pop passe’
chose to look the opposite way
Little blondie muse dismissed tonight
At Antoine’s, perhaps?
A monetary foresight
And whispers tell that drive-through windows are where
Blondie dines with mom and pop.
Now Antoines flourishes again, as usual
And blondie left unpolished and sadly still willful…

© Copyright 2013. Bojenn All rights reserved.

Our Watchman Night Time poetry for Jacob by Mimsi (Bojenn)




It is

Time to sleep

Rest your head

Dreams to explore

Visions in bed

Even so,

Sleep is nigh

Hear the
Angels whisper

They’re Watching

Your gates

Inviting in 

Elysium’s playground

While your body rests

Sweet dreams


And all his friends

Goodnight sleep tight and don’t let the stars pass you by. 

©2013 Mimsi All Rights Reserved



Dream 4/3/13


This isn’t my picture, but if I knew who captured it’s powerful message I would give credit. I love this picture.
Calling it, Gaining Control, Again.

There was traffic
An intersection
A bridge above
Traffic at a light or moving slowly.
A child on a huge horse
Horse out of control
Running with child, an infant and another child on it’s back
The older child couldn’t control
I saw it going down
Very bad circumstance
I, and two other mothers jumped out of stopped cars to help stop the horse
One caught the reins the other two lifted the children off to safety
They were okay
So was the horse
Then, my parked car held up traffic
I got in and drove away after police arrived

This was the dream that awakened me.
Any thoughts?

A Thank You

My note of thanks to all who have “liked” my stuff. If I haven’t made a personal thank you on yiur page please forgive me as I’ve been working, sleeping and boondoggling, way too much.

So, thank you. Please visit more often AND write me a note to say howdy, you’ve come and gone and will return soon, I hope.

Thanks, bojenn


Do come again.

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