The LineageA Gift To My Children


The genius passed down smugly rewarding insanely unyielding,
On family endowments. If the gift acrid? You, donned backward.
For, daddy was a scientist, and mother a book-keeper,
my sisters college graduates and I a truth seeker.

The memories of Daddy and Mother who showed us so much,
the stars and the Heavens and the road to eternal life.
Because the genius smug and often insane.
And the civil casualties such a shame…

Part Two

So, the gift of blood held treasures to be,
a gift, a mantle, a portion for thee
and if used well my inherited three,
Elysia, Joel and Jacob; are ye
who may choose wisely or may choose not,
but the gift of blood is all that I got.
It is up to you three to charge the blood
To make a talent or a challenged drudge
And if you find the tasks it too great.
Than remember that Grand Ma Mas’ watching how you steer your fate.

*Note: Grand Ma Ma’ (French pronunciation)

Bonnie Jennings 11/1/2011

One thought on “The LineageA Gift To My Children

  1. My mother was tough and put up with little complaints or manipulations.
    I’m so greatful she was hard on us, even though, as a kid, I resented her strong enforcement of
    family rules, regulations and black and white boundaries.
    Now, I see, that many children today lack the walls of protection and the result on the personality
    can produce borderline characteristics.


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