Belindas’ and The Pirate Boondogglers


Belindas’ and The Pirate Boondogglers

By Bonnie Jennings

Sister time encourages dreams of men
Storybook princess’s read mystic tunes, if had~

The look of vile in their eye
glared, “HE’S no good gal,” so, best, don’t buy!

The whiskey breath and brawny yawned
Long whiskers, coarse that scathed

No manners had the pirate hog
Tobacco, he chewed like a dog

Breathing on her tender cheek,
delicate princess draped in pink

Course whiskers brushed her fare skin
as he tickled and roughly chinned

The femme, stansed strong
as the pirate spewed spit

Slapping his face
caused him to pinch her ~ t_t

The captain approached grabbing the stew
Picking him up and into the pot he flew!

“Boil em in oil!” The women shouted.
No one cares; No one pouted.

“Oh you mustn’t kill him!” One sister pleads.
“I’ll Negotiate for his feeble needs.”

Then, take him away! Jail’ em!
Lest he die ~ and we squeeze em.’

Closing the story of pirates and ladies
Giggling fantastic captured maiden fables

So, the two sisters picked up the lyra and played
A wonderful mystic tune singing like whales

One verse of two sister ‘want to be’s’
The other of nuzzling pirate trilogies

The bridge rang of beer and Jack Sparrow whiskers
The chorus of adventuring soul sisters

All in the eve of an autumn,
Two princesses
Found pirate encounters.                                                                                                                                                                  Twisting the story to their delights                                                                                                                                               Snuggling the rascals and pretending it night                                                                                                                                        Left after laughing and feeling fright                                                                                                                                               Closing the story before it might

Tales could capture them leaving damsels in distress                                                                                                                                               Thus realizing, fantasies created might cause a big mess.

So, The Storybook Princesses closed the book on their men.                                                                                                        And that was the end that autumn afternoon of two sisters dreaming of seduction and sin.


©Bonnie jennings 2013 ©All Rights Reserved

2 thoughts on “Belindas’ and The Pirate Boondogglers

  1. Well… I’m trying… to edit edit and edit and some some. Getting the rhythm and rhyme flowing in time and tune. I need a wee bit of fine oil…. bare, bear bair with me… thank you.


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