Shhh…. please listen. For real.

Please hear me
Please listen.

Once again,
I acutely know
That people who have the ability to hear with their ears
Are at a deficit to those of us who dont hear

This reasons are amazing to me a deaf person
Because we hear with eveything else
We become in tune with the non audible
Because we have to

Deaf people make excellent detectives without any conversations
Deaf people make superior artists
Deaf people feel vibrations understanding music better than hearers
Deaf people maybe introspective
Deaf people watch and are seers
Deaf people have deep understanding without any sounds
Deaf people hear Gods voice inside loudly vibrating
Deaf people understand you by observation


Shh… Listen….. Really hear. Be quiet and watch. Smiling as you observe camouflages your observations. They will never know. 

Happy listening.

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5 thoughts on “Shhh…. please listen. For real.

    1. Thank you for your comment. Yes, I think hearing with the ears distracts from truths we need to really hear. Too much noise causes sensory over load leading to mental problems and lack of hearing the intended, what is truly being spoken. That leads to misconstrued verbalized content and performing the wrong tasks.


      1. Exactly. When I was a young girl, I had multiple surgeries on my ears and spent a great deal of time not being able to hear throughout the process, and while it was hard, it taught me that things can be experienced in other ways, better ways, especially music, as a musician I thought my music would be horrible because of it, I think it actually improved because of it. Sometimes we have to let go of sensory perceptions of things and let our body just soak up meanings of the world around us in new and different ways.


        1. That is so interesting! Thanks for sharing. I find it especiaaly fascinating that you love music.
          Thank you for writing this. It solidifies what I know as truth.


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