Jupiter’s Smile

Welcome Home!
I see you have my goodies
Off you left with them
Many years ago


Anger and sadness kept me
Years of toiling dispair
But now, here you are!
Though I shall not trust
No~not evermore.

For’ changes you’ve escaped
Even deadly Saturn
Lessons you’ll not bring
Just prosperity
That matters

There are many wonders above us
And you’re only one
And I watch with awe
As God reveals his only begotten son.

Virgo holds the child
The lion presented him
The scales of balance is his goal
The fishers lead men

So on a wondrous starry night
When Jupiter flirts with you
Smile playing her games of wealth
Nod as she steals you blue

Because the father of all watches
And Jupiter’s His child
Beware Saturn escapes with your loot
She must not escape with your soul.

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Thanking all lovely thoughts today

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