Ode To Peace July 2013

O’ past
I see sorrows
O’ past
Tears I’ve shed
O’ past
Thoughts ruminating
O’ past
Could of instead
O’ past
Never erased.

O’ peace
Most yearn.
O’ peace
To have
O’ peace
To hold you
O’ peace
To understand
O’ peace
Am I close?
O’ God of my heart

O’ the future
Hands wringing
O’ thoughts of fear
O’ wretched ideas
Come to pass
O’ stop!
Anxiety thoughts
O’ God of peace
Here I am

O’ finding peace
O’ finding
center within
O’ softly listening
O’ sweet Lord’s voice

For finding peace
Was always here in my heart.
God’s peace.
No cares or frets

O’ peace
Right here
Right now
Right inside my heart.


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Thanking all lovely thoughts today

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