Noble Man

My grand father William Sydney Patton
Turn of The Century in his humble honor. He was a nobleman.

The fable begins:

A tall lean man traveling a path who walked swiftly was stopped by the magistrate in a village. He answered the questions that provoked awareness of the magistrates trap.

“For what is your plan and which direction will you travel?”

Pausing before he spoke, he raised his eyebrows and lifted his face and took a deep breath and wisely spoke. “There once was a wise man who traveled a path. He had a nap-sac tied to a stick that rested on his shoulder as he walked the path. The king inquires what is your plan and what road will you pass?” The man gently smiles. Then, he finishes his explannation. ” I travel lite. I speak no plan. I ask my father. I listen to his commands. Then, the path illuminates. Giving thanks, I follow one step at a time.”

The magistrate raised his eyes to see if the traveler was telling the truth. He looked straight into the eyes of the wise man. He saw no lies, but he misunderstood the explanation. He looked to the paths set before him. He saw no illumination. He believed the wise traveler tricked him. So, he set a trap for the man. All paths would have deep holes with false floors to catch him in his lies.

As the wise man comes to the wood paths with traps everywhere, an inner awareness arose. He did not understand the traps set before him, but he did see the path’s light fade from the floor of the forest and begin the shine on the limbs of trees. He followed upward. Vines shown. He grasped them and begin to swing from one limb to another using the long vines to swing even faster. He thanked God for the time he now saves by swinging freely.

God showed him others caught in the traps the magistrate had dug, as well. He also saw the children of the magistrates caught in similar deep in the holes. There, by the side of the holes, the magistrate knelt crying for his offspring. He had no way to set them free from their plights. He acknowledged, not the others caught in the traps of his evil schemes.

So the wise traveler threw a long vine to the magistrate. The wise man took a risk of not being excepted, but he wasn’t concerned for himself. Compassionate motives drove his actions. The vine landed in the hand of the magistrate just as it was aimed.

The magistrate looked up and ~

Then~pride fell from the magistrate. He saved his children.

The others were left in the holes. But, the wise man saw the plan for their salvation. It would require a sacrifice.
The sacrifice would be unblemished and worthy enough that the magistrate would be satisfied. The cost would be the blood and life of the magistrates arch enemy. The blood of the one that was despised the most. So, the wise man knew.

He followed the instructions given in the light that illuminated his path. He knew this is not the end, but merely the beginning for all men (the others) left in holes to be rescued.

The lamb, white, pure, and unblemished by dirt or barnyard rape was presented as the sacrifice. The magistrate wallowed as a filthy boar, laughing like a hyena after taking the life of the innocent ewe. The magistrate is still wildly ravenous when the blood of the wise man’s is noticed or esteemed.

Jealousy kills. It is a destroyer and there is no use or good in the actions of envy. Coveting the neighbors goats, their house, their spouse, their life and not respecting ones own leads to confusion and despair. It will make one kick their own dogs.

Little Jacob, be appreciate of the goodness within you and your surroundings. Make your gifts shine. Be thankful in all the little things, you’ve been handed. Then, you will be trusted with bigger things and finally one day you will be given your kingdom promised to you. After all, it was made and prepared and thought of, just for you. One step at a time with love, blessings and thankfulness for everything will take you to your home. Your final resting place, it awaits you. Hard work is necessary, and you will not take this place by force or covet. Your place will be given inside faith, hope, and love.

No more shall you, kick the dogs.

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