My Dream. August 16, 2013









The path that I followed in the desert dissipated under my feet. Then, three old friends joined my side. Their names:

Faith, Hope and Love. They said, “we will escort you. Do not fear. God is with you in the forest deep and dark. Every man must go alone. You must trust.”

Trust, another entity, took the lead. I began the journey.

The forest is dark and deep and the trees, which some are dead, vastly grow. Some trees young and some old and some rotten share the space. However, together the enormous group of all types become one. It seemed they all have a role. None are common, even though, some appear handsome, some grand and some quite irrelevant, all are a piece of the puzzle. Despite their outward appearance, in totality, they represent the whole of this forest. Each are profound.

This is when, I decide to wander deeper into the green forest mystical fog. It seems the woods call me by name and they whisper wisdom and truths. I can’t resist the call nor the hypnotic beauty they pocess. To some in the desert, the forest seems mysteriously evil and frightening. But I, find it breathtaking, alluring and magnetic. I know I belong inside. This is/was my home but, knowing too, I was/am a mere babe, returning to my origins.  Simply, there was/is no other choice. The heat of the years cause me to wilt.

And~ (switch to past tense)

The temperature dropped as the shade of the canopy of trees welcomed me back. The coolness of shadows and the humidity embraced my body. Comfortable now, as the parched desert took a toll on my skin. It looked like a saddle and the sun did what it was suppose to do and cooked the frailness of human existence from me. The heat was the “refining fire” that The Bible, explains.

The tropical birds flew by my head! Oh my! I forgot about them and their array of colors. Greens to match the forest, oranges to show god’s royalty and blues to give me inspiration and my own palette of designs. Smiling at the gifts, I pressed forward.

The monkeys did not trust me. So, they watched my movements. Suspicious of my intentions, good or bad, they would find out my purpose. I greeted them honestly with a nod, “hello, I mean no harm.” They let me pass for now. They did not offer me food. They ate the fruit which their many bodies protected. “Food will come later, maybe.”

The flying creatures of the forest flitted contently from flower to flower, from creek to the water falls splash. Amazed, I stood watching. Delighting in that which others in the desert so feared. Bending down by the water’s edge, I cupped my hands and drank the fresh cool water.  To my surprise, I drank with another animal. It shared. This was the rule of the forest. The rules were not written or displayed. But, the rules were understood within the heart of everything that lived. And, if the rules were not abided by, then, the creature was expelled to the desert with “the humans.”

The humans, I dare say, captured, enslaved, ate and killed them for sport. The humans were considered, the demons. “The humans are to be feared.” And I, a human in their forest, recognized the fact, I am an intruder. But, they will trust me for a while. I will have to prove my integrity as a creature of God’s.

Needing a rest, I sat at the edge of a tree’s roots. Before falling soundly into a coma of sleep, I noticed the multi-colored green moss. It was damp, cold and sprung to new life. Small and delicate, the tiny leaves of multi greens invited me to observe it’s world. I looked harder, further, and magnified the mosses world in my imaginations. I saw another place, another home for strange odd life. Much different than my own, but also, dynamic, I saw. Then, fast asleep, I submerged.

wpid-20130711_184411.jpg While sleeping, a man stood by my side. He is familiar. Quiet and male by energy, he stood with dowsing sticks. The sticks circled around and around, then, rested pointing west. With a look to the west, his eyes pointed. “This way is best.” This time, I chose not to rebel. The last time I said, “No,” I was his teenage daughter. This time, I will listen. Though he a man of few words, he will show me the right direction. We will not make the same mistake. See, I learned that lesson. I take my nap sack and head west. Then, my next snore occurs.

There are several dimensions here. This is only two; shown me. The ability to sleep and travel at the same time. Here in The forest, I know this is true and possible. In the forest the hidden mysteries are revealed.

It is also made known, I may return to the desert at any time. The choice mine. No one makes another. There is no one to blame there is no control, by another. Choices for good are here. Choices for destruction are in the desert.

Whimsi, Mimsi, Skipper B, The Matador, Little Jack, and The Fairy Princess

This poem/lyrics was written by Bojenn after the death of Skipper B May 2011.
It will join other tales in Fables For Jacob.

This poem/tune and lyrics should be song using pirates brogue and bravado and it kind of goes like this ~~~~~~~~~~

Once upon a time…

In Elysium six souls made a pack. The cast:
Mimsi, Whimsey, Skipper B, The Matador, Little Jack and The Fairy Princess.

They sailed the Heavens
Dousing their magic
Cleverly and strategically
Defeating all elevens.

Wands of magic, wishes of gold
Singing their songs
Their tales often
Miraculously, unfold.

Now Mimsi made magic
Rhyming the words
Dreaming the future,
Using poetical overtures.

Then Whimsey came forth
Demanding the best
Affirming the future,
While facing North.

Skipper B said, NO!
You girls watch!
I’ll show you again
She aimed that bow.

The Matador watched
Skipper B’s lessons
Perfectly shooting
Never he botched.

Emerged, came Little Jack!
Defender of Elysium
Sharpening his arrow
He never turned back.

From the war came the fairy princess
Blessed and pure
Riding the white horse
Spectators bowing to her majesty highness.

Lifes ups and downs tell
Tears and smiles
Joining forces
Comrades who trample hell.


The Fairy Princes and Little Jack


Skippr B (Babe)


Mimsi and Whimsi


The Matador

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Dream july 30, 2013

Just another tornado dream. I’ve had several, but this one was different. 

We, the family, gathered in the home of my daughters. And, her father was there with everyone.  He had them watching out a huge bay Window. They were watching a storm brewing. Off in the far distance a tornado formed. They were ooowing and awhing as they pointed at it and discussed in a lively manor the formation of it, the color of it, the size of it, and as they are talking about it, it grew huge and mighty. The edge of fastly swirling grey black skirt gigantically loomed close to the house. Maybe 5 yards, or there about. It was moving straight to us. We were on its path, no doubts.

I yelled, take cover now! I said here, in here now! Opening the closet door, no one showed, but I could hear them at the window ooowing and saying, it’s coming this way! Omg’s were the last words I heard. I shut the closet door. Only the pets came with me. When we emerged from tbe closet frightened and unscathed,  there was nothing and no one there.
Everything was missing.

All kinds of thoughts both good and bad ran across my mind. I held onto the best belief, they found their own cover and were safe, but still there was no sound from them anywhere. The house was gone and the sturdy closet must have transported us to another place. Everything seemed unfamiliar and grey.

That’s all I remember.

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