Dream july 30, 2013

Just another tornado dream. I’ve had several, but this one was different. 

We, the family, gathered in the home of my daughters. And, her father was there with everyone.  He had them watching out a huge bay Window. They were watching a storm brewing. Off in the far distance a tornado formed. They were ooowing and awhing as they pointed at it and discussed in a lively manor the formation of it, the color of it, the size of it, and as they are talking about it, it grew huge and mighty. The edge of fastly swirling grey black skirt gigantically loomed close to the house. Maybe 5 yards, or there about. It was moving straight to us. We were on its path, no doubts.

I yelled, take cover now! I said here, in here now! Opening the closet door, no one showed, but I could hear them at the window ooowing and saying, it’s coming this way! Omg’s were the last words I heard. I shut the closet door. Only the pets came with me. When we emerged from tbe closet frightened and unscathed,  there was nothing and no one there.
Everything was missing.

All kinds of thoughts both good and bad ran across my mind. I held onto the best belief, they found their own cover and were safe, but still there was no sound from them anywhere. The house was gone and the sturdy closet must have transported us to another place. Everything seemed unfamiliar and grey.

That’s all I remember.

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4 thoughts on “Dream july 30, 2013

  1. That was a powerful dream. I’m glad it was just a dream and you and your loved ones are safe. I don’t know dream symbology — haven’t a clue what tornado dreams mean — if anything. However, I think it is better to dream, than not dream. PEACE-


    1. Wambui, what little I know about dreams understand that tornado dreams can be either prophetic or symbolize turbulent times that one might be going through. Anxiety issues can bring it on; however, it can be globally shared.
      In the case of my dream, I think because I’m moving to another home in another city, once again in less than a year, might be stressors with packing and coordination of moving. But, on the other hand, watching the news and watching people watch and not prepare for whatever might be on our global horizon are disturbing ideals, as well.

      “For just in the same days of Noah, so shall it be, the coming of our lord.” My paraphrasing of The Bible. I don’t know if the future event is Biblical or just another tornado (type of catastrophe).

      Thank you for commenting. I appreciate your response. Thank you.


      1. Greetings! Thank you. I appreciate you explaining what a tornado dream might be. Now, that you say it, it makes sense that a tornado could be “prophetic or symbolize turbulent times” and how anxiety issues could be at the root. You have a lot going on in your life that could create a certain amount of uncertainty. I understand what you mean about watching the news and watching people who are in denial of real ‘un-pleasant’ possibilities. Perhaps, the part in your dream where you are trying to direct others to the closet, but no one comes is how it feels when you try to share information that could possibly save their lives, but no one wants to hear what you have to say. (I experience that sometimes) I haven’t owned a TV for over 10 years. However, I feel I know the truth about what is happening around us and deal with and prepare for things the best I can. I wish you the best weekend ever, safe travels and an easy and pleasant move. PEACE-


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