Whimsi, Mimsi, Skipper B, The Matador, Little Jack, and The Fairy Princess

This poem/lyrics was written by Bojenn after the death of Skipper B May 2011.
It will join other tales in Fables For Jacob.

This poem/tune and lyrics should be song using pirates brogue and bravado and it kind of goes like this ~~~~~~~~~~

Once upon a time…

In Elysium six souls made a pack. The cast:
Mimsi, Whimsey, Skipper B, The Matador, Little Jack and The Fairy Princess.

They sailed the Heavens
Dousing their magic
Cleverly and strategically
Defeating all elevens.

Wands of magic, wishes of gold
Singing their songs
Their tales often
Miraculously, unfold.

Now Mimsi made magic
Rhyming the words
Dreaming the future,
Using poetical overtures.

Then Whimsey came forth
Demanding the best
Affirming the future,
While facing North.

Skipper B said, NO!
You girls watch!
I’ll show you again
She aimed that bow.

The Matador watched
Skipper B’s lessons
Perfectly shooting
Never he botched.

Emerged, came Little Jack!
Defender of Elysium
Sharpening his arrow
He never turned back.

From the war came the fairy princess
Blessed and pure
Riding the white horse
Spectators bowing to her majesty highness.

Lifes ups and downs tell
Tears and smiles
Joining forces
Comrades who trample hell.


The Fairy Princes and Little Jack


Skippr B (Babe)


Mimsi and Whimsi


The Matador

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