Road Rage (contest poem)

Dang it! I said, “fricken get out of my way!
The roads not yours!
Selfish moron. Waisting my day!

Holding up traffic, in the left lane!
“Can’t you see that!”
Bravely cursing without shame.

Passing her, on the right
Glaring that way
Grandma! What a fright.

On the road
The cars honking at her
Felt utter pity; I’d acted like a goad.

Her frail arms clutching the wheel
Realized~she was lost
Vehicling behind that steel.

My Grandma was lost.
Driving to see Old Sye
But, the honkers didnt care
Then, road rage took her life.

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@copyright 2013 Bonnie Jennings

Thanking all lovely thoughts today

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