Dreams, Visions and The Unanswerable

Last night I dreamt a dream of someone I know very well. The name I will with hold.

The person visits me while sleeping. He shares his disappointments in his life’s journey. I remember listening for a long time to his challenges, his failures, his obstacles he never overcame.

I wasn’t sure what his expectations of me were or are, but in some way, I let him down. He is a dependent soul and expects women to carry him through life emotionally and financially to the point of draining the helping soul. He verbalized his frustrations regarding me. How I misunderstood his life and all the dynamics that simply are and there will be no changing, what is.

I never speak. But, I listen. I felt sorry for him. Sorry that he never achieved the lessons of fathering or the lesson of being a gentle man.

After listening to all his sadnesses, he turns and walks away. Watching him walk with a slight limp leaning to the right and see him dressed from the back. He is wearing an old man cotton shirt that is neatly tucked into his pants that has a brown leather belt. He walks down a lonely road by himself. He disappears while walking.
I looked at the road that he walked. It then, looked like an oil painting. He was gone and just a painting of the old country road in oils laid on the frame.

glanced at my table side clock. It was 3:00 am.Image

Thanking all lovely thoughts today

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