Poem For Joel 2/27/2014


Now we’re down to waiting
conversations small, but full
counting down; half past, five
Soon departing, wave bye
Seeing you again. I hope
Knees bowing, praying
God please, love
Angels; protect
Selfishly, I wait



According To My Mother, I was Little Miss Sunbeam






This picture was taken in the 1950’s. And,according to my late mother I was Little Miss Sunbeam. However, the research said not so, it was another young girl in the 1950’s.


“Answer (says this)

The first Sunbeam bread girl was Patty Michaels. She was chosen in the 1950s and portrayed Little Miss Sunbeam for a few years before leaving. The company began holding contests with winners representing different regions of the US.”
I compared the 2 pictures of Patty Michaels and myself when we were both about 4 years of age.
 Patty Michaels


The bottom line…. All this is trivial and doesn’t amount to ‘a hill of beans,’ but is probably only interesting to me.

Anyway ~ May the Sun beam warm rays on your buttered 12 grain bread today.

Finding Nirvana

In finding our magic, we help others find theirs. A magical life is filled with the wonder’s and awe of God’s mysteries. Being filled with childlike wonder is the happiness that moves us forward into bliss. Thankfulness of the gifts that wonder and childlike explorations bestow on us make our lives worth living. I choose magical thankfulness of all He has given me in childlike wonder. Image

Memories of George H Bush

The most memorable time for me in my flying career as a flight attendant was on the L1011 ATL to ?. The year, unremembered, but Jimmy Carter was president of The USA. It was a 3 hour flight and I was the senior F/A, so that meant, I stayed in F/C (first class) and R2 (right side flight attendant) F/A floated to the aft cabin. First class had 3 people on board. One was George H Bush SR and 2 secret service men. After I served them food and beverages (and he did not drink ETOH, alcohol), he  asked me to sit down next to him. He asked if we had a Bible on board. Of course I got The Gideon’s out of the overhead bin L! where we stowed it, remember? Together, George and I read out loud Ezekiel chapters 36, 37, and 38, and maybe 39. I knew at the time, he was getting something from it, wisdom or knowledge, and he asked me my opinion over what we read. He never interrupted, or was condescending and seemed very interested in my interpretation of the chapters. (I must tell you, I was ignorant of all politics at that time and I was clueless as to who George Bush SR was as far as public service) At the time he was running for governor of Texas and was still employed by the CIA as (head of it).

Then ~

Though, like most F/A’s met many movie stars and politicians, I served them too, But, one other stuck out in my mind. Billy Carter, X President Jimmy’s brother, was on a 20 minute flight from Columbia, SC to ATL. In 20 minutes he drank 6 Martini’s. In that 20 minutes he told me political secrets that I shouldn’t have had privy to, but being ignorant of politics, I ignored. Hind sight is twenty-twenty, I should have paid close attention as he told the reality of the goings on in Washington, at that time. He was humorous and I remember laughing as he told these hushed secrets. He told the stories using sarcastic adjectives with a lot of color as he slurred his speech. When he stumbled off the plane from FC, a man, dressed in black approached me. He said, “why are you talking to him? He’s a public disgrace an idiot.” I had a strong hunch this man in black was following Billy. Before Billy got off the plane he handed me a token of his appreciation, a 6 pack of Billy Beer, which I kept for many years… I always wondered about the man in black. Billy died shortly after this…

My Dream

The dream:

The path that I followed in the desert dissipated under my feet. Then, three old friends joined my side. Their names:

Faith, Hope and Love. 
They said, “we will escort you. Do not fear. God is with you in the forest deep and dark. Every man must go alone. You must trust.”

An entity named Trust,  took the lead. I began the journey, following it.

The forest was dark and deep and the trees, like all forests, have dead trees that are equally as important which was shown to me. Vastness and the growth gathered together become one place called The Forest. Some trees are young, green and full with several shades of green and some are old and rotten. They serve as homes for the rabbits and raccoons. However, together the enormous group of all types of trees are synergistic and without the totality of the different types: old and young, light green and dark and thick and thin, the forest would not be complete. It seemed they all have a role. None are common, even though, some appear handsome, some grand and some quite irrelevant, all make for what I defined, as Eden. Despite their outward appearance, in totality, they represent the whole called the forest. In The Forest are life lessons.


This is when, I decide to wander into the jungle of trees, so dense. The trees and the thickets called me by name. They knew me. Whispering wisdoms and truths, I can’t resist their call nor the hypnotic beauty they have. I must wander inside. To some who live in the desert, the forest seems mysteriously evil and frightening. But I find it breathtaking, alluring and magnetic. I belong here inside this lushness and greenery. This has always been my home, my roots, my beginning. Again, I am a child that has returned to my origins. Simply, there is no other choice. The heat of the years in the desert caused me to wilt. The forest of lush green life will restore my soul.

The temperature dropped as the shade of the canopy of trees welcomed me back. The coolness of shadows and the humidity embraced my body. Comfortable now, as the parched desert took a toll on my skin. My face shown, in the cool spring water in which I peered, as leather. The sun did what it was suppose to do and cooked the human quest from me. The heat was the “refining fire” that The Bible, explains. Frailty and a withered reflection reflects from the gentle waving cool waters of the spring. I look at myself, in it’s mirror. 


The tropical birds flew by my head!  “Oh my!”
I forgot about them and their array of colors. Greens to match the forest, oranges to show god’s revelations and blues to give inspiration. Smiling at the gift of colors, I moved forward through the limbs and undergrowth.

I came upon ~

The monkeys who did not trust me. So, they watched everything I did; my movements, my glances, my pausing and my nodding of hello to them. They, suspicious of my intentions, good or bad, would find out my purpose. This fact, I knew as they were the guardians of food and accommodation  I greeted them honestly with a nod, “hello, I mean no harm.”
They let me pass, for now. However, they did not offer me food. They ate the fruit which their many bodies protected. “Food will come later, maybe,” so, I hoped. I was hungry.

The flying creatures of the forest flitted contently from flower to flower, from creek to the water falls splash. Amazed, I stood watching. Delighting, in the beauty and coolness, which those in the desert, so feared. Bending down by the water’s edge, I cupped my hands and drank the fresh cool water. To my surprise, I drank with another animal. It shared. This was the rule of the forest. The rules were not written or displayed. But, the rules were understood within the heart of everything that lived. And, if the rules were not abided by, then, the creature was expelled to the desert with  “the humans.

The humans, I dare say with trembling fear, captured, enslaved, ate and killed them for sport. The humans were considered, the “demons.” The humans are to be feared. And I, a human, in their forest, recognized the fact, I am an intruder. But, they will allow me passage, for a while. I will have to prove my integrity as a creature of God’s. I knew this truth. 

Then ~

Needing a rest, I sat at the edge of a tree’s roots. Before falling soundly into a coma of sleep, I noticed the multi-colored green moss. It was damp, cold and sprung to new life. Small and delicate, the tiny leaves of multi greens invited me to observe it’s world. I looked harder, further, and magnified the mosses world in my imaginations. I saw another place, another home for strange odd life which was microscopic to human vision, but in the forest, I could see the tiny world as alive as my own. “Fascinating.” Much different than my own, but also, dynamic, I saw and watched their world. They moved in a simple method, But it was their own way. There doings was purposeful. They seemed happy, as far as I could tell… After all… I’m not the judge or giver of life.

Submerging then into a deep sleep ~ 

I’m aware though tired and almost comatosed, a man stands by my side as I sleep. He is familiar. He is a quiet male entity or being. Next to my lying body, he stands with dowsing sticks. I awaken and watch. His sticks circled around and around, then, rested pointing west. With a look to the west, his eyes said, “get up child,” then he pointed and said,. “this way is best.”

This time, I chose not to rebel. The last time I said, “No,” I was his teenage daughter. This time, I will listen. Though he a man of few words, he will show me the right direction. We will not make the same mistake. See, I learned that lesson. I take my nap sack and head west. The father image pointed to the direction that was best for my journey. He said, “you will be safe if you sojourn that way.

Then, my next snore occurs. ~

There are several dimensions in the forest.
This is only two; shown me.
The ability to sleep and travel at the same time is possible. In the forest the hidden mysteries are revealed. Truths are given if asked. But, truths are experienced by walking through the forest. To know: is to journey here and face fear and beauty as a warrior princess. He says, “you can do it. Faith is with you. You must follow, Trust and Belief. They will accompany you, even if you return to the desert.”

My understanding that my father image reaffirms, which I already know in my heart,
This is what I know:

It is also known that I may return to the desert at any time. The choice is mine. Not, any another’s.
No one, makes another do anything. 
There is no one to blame, there is no control, that I don’t allow.
Choices for good are granted  with heavenly abodes.
Choices for destruction are exiled to the desert.
Some wander more than forty years.
Forty years is the averaged time to learn life’s hardest lessons.
There are familiar lessons passed down for generations.
Those lessons last many years. They are the difficult ones.
They end when the last student acknowledges the familiar lesson and what was learned by mistakes made.
Apologize humbly for all wrong choices.
Be a peacemaker.  
He or she leads the familiar lineage back into Eden. 
This is our mission if we choose.

Before, I leave Eden, a monkey comes with fruit in it’s hand and offers this to me. He says, mind to mind, telepathically, “here you will need this for your pilgrimage. Eden will be here when you want to return.”

I frantically reply, “Oh, I don’t want to go anywhere else. I want to stay here. Please. Father, Daddy, I am frightened to return to the parched land and dessert. Please, let me stay.

My father image and the monkey stand together and with kind humility and honesty point the way  to my right path. They say, "no, it’s not time. There is more knowledge to gain, more lessons for greater appreciation, more spiritual insight to achieve, You will return one day  Until then, we are with you where ever you choose. “

They faded into the morning’s light peeking into my bedroom window. The sun’s light greeted me with, “hello..




Author Notes
Just another very real dream. Please, understand, this dream was symbolic and humans are not “demons.” This is not to be read literally. It is written from the animal kingdom. 
There are parts of my dream that become relevant and clearer as I write and meditate on the symbolic meaning.  

Thank you for reading. 

Thank you Deloralock at fanart review for your picture which shows the precious animals in the forest.