Prickadocious and Similar


Is this Goong-Gok?
Is this Goong-Gok?

Pricaholic, dealing with one who so graciously helped me find these wonderful words… Thanks!

Etiology (prig or prick)
Prickadocious, talks like
Prickatacious, acts like
Prickomomentous, at large
Prickomometer, a nurse uses a meter that registers the amount of any of the listed
Prickaphobia, fear of being exposed to one
Pricktacious, similar to pricadocious, but of lesser value
Pricknasnafu, don’t believe them
Pricktor, the abuser
Prictee. the victim who excepts the pricomomentous prictor’s bs
Prickowhore, the one who stays to listen for pay
Prickaholic, one who is addicted to being an ass…
Prickbanter, their manipulative verbiage
Prickleidiot, they think no one sees, smile and get out of there, asap
etc, etc, etc…

Thanking all lovely thoughts today

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