The Language of Christians, and I’m one, so, I can say these things…

The restraining of God
The restraining of God

The language of Christians, and though I’m Christian, mock the jargon.

Why do we (christians) think and act as if there are special words like:
Praise the Lord
bless them
bless your heart
glory and other words,
that define the persona of a believer?

Why do Christians assume that anyone who doesn’t use this verbiage isn’t Christian?

Why do we assume that God only recognizes people who say these words and if anyone doesn’t use these words or phrases, then, this person isn’t a believer?

Are these words created by Christians so that we can recognize one another and if these words aren’t used somewhere in someone’s conversation, then understand and know, those beings aren’t Christian? Is there a subliminal identifying signal which says, “hey. I’m a believer, and they are to?”

Do we believe that God sent us a box of jargons, specialized language, slang, cant, idiom, argot, patter; newspeak, informal speech-babble, journalese, bureaucratese, technobabble, psychobabble; double-talk, doublespeak; gibberish, gobbledygook, blather (from apple dictionary), to use?

I’m just curios as to how this emerged and do all languages have their identifyable “Christian” talk.

6 thoughts on “The Language of Christians, and I’m one, so, I can say these things…

  1. I think those words aren’t wrong, and many of them are literal words used in the Bible. However, those words can become meaningless ‘jargon’ if there’s no real heart or meaning behind them. I think both can become a danger: Ceasing to use them because they make us feel too ‘Christian’ and ‘fake’ (God knows there are plenty of people who act fake in the world), and using them just so we ‘seem Christian.’ It’s a balance 🙂

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    1. To add to your comment, my findings are the words as I’ve used are integrated in everyday conversation, and are used as a banner, to identify ones self to the group of people who call themselves Christian.

      The gentleman above said it wonderfully, and “our hearts” take us to God and prayer. I say genuine prayer, and these words above are nullified, if not used in a sincere manor.

      I have come to a point in life, that I rarely use these words because they are used so carelessly..

      Just my (humble) thoughts…

      And, thank you for the conversation! Much appreciated!


    1. It is my opinion, it would be better to be real, than superficial and drop the cliche’s. God must roll his eyes and say, “Can’t they be true to whom I’ve created?” … Humbly, my reply and also, to say thank you for commenting… I appreciate the communication..


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