The Selling of a Soul

Selling of a Soul

by Bojenn, 

Posted: November 2, 2013

The Imaginations, unreachable desires
Come rescue me from the memories of fire

Serve the humbled servant caviar
Soon drinking from a brass elegant samovar

And tasting only the royals finest
Then, knowing just like a highness

Turning blue, the blood that’s red
How gladly, leaving my life of dread

Three thousand threads delicately woven
Ah, softness; then the seduction

Costing merely…only a soul
Sold! Wearing, the black lacy camisole

Laying down innocent purity
Sadly, taken rather brusquely

Vanity and ego opened the door
There, lay the vulnerable on the floor.

Feelings Poetry writing prompt entry
Writing Prompt
Emotions have overcome us all at one time or another. It could be from someone that broke our heart or just life in general. We all handle situations differently, some good, some bad. This contest gives us the ability to explore this. Write a poem that expresses feelings and emotions such as anger or depression. Any type of poem is welcomed.

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