Christmas Poem By Bonnie 2014


The Christmas Day, came as I remember

Past the eve, of the 24th, of December

The girl laughed, at all the surprises

Amidst the confusion, the adults tried to buy her

The baby suckled, the mother’s breast

On the eve of the day, with caroling guests

Oh, that god’s son, should be exalted

However, simple belief, was halted

Of how Christ birthed, in a modest cold stable

Two thousand years gone, so tender, and yet, able

Now, tell I, to all, in a manner of prose

That Christmas truths, should never be sold, to those, who honestly ~

Will never know.


Part Two ~

While Considering The Events

Then, when pondering, and asking the obvious questions’.

“How did this happen? Sighing knew then, we believed their suggestions.”

Subliminal messages, that dethroned our savior.

And, I too, declared being caught, in a trap of their lair.

Realizing, sadly, this will happen again.

Next Christmas, they’ll ignore our chagrins.

Drowning the reason, in magical colors.

Entrapping our souls, in beliefs of others

The beauty of evil; wins every time.

Stealing the reason, in their matrix, of Christmas chimes.

Though glorious music; captures my heart

Looking beyond, see the lies within their harp.

And, the birth of our Lord; placed into a cage,

Of untruthful men. who shall, then ~ turn the page

Restoring the gift of love, for this I pray.

Because, He gave his son, on a cold Christmas Day.

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