Blaming Faeries


I lost a valuable item. The cost of one is exorbatant and the other pair, will not be enough, to do, the work  that, I do.

I knew where, I last placed it, and it was there, throughout the day. I know, as I saw it several times. I thought it was safe there.

Then, last night, I needed them. I went to find them and 1 was gone. Vanished. Missing. Not there! My heart skipped beats.

Panicking, I knew the Winter Faeries were having their fun with me, once again. They hadn’t toyed with me, in a while, but they, must have returned, to hide my little item. I guess they were bored and wanting to be mischievous and needed to play. (with me tonight)

I searched for the item by removing drawers and searching, by going through the laundry basket, by searching through the trash and staying up way beyond, my bedtime, Without any luck, I pined. I knew that I can not go to work without a pair and 1 would not be effective enough. Without the other, I would have to have it made, molded and sculpted to my shape and that could take awhile. So, I would have to call in and, I fretted.

I realized that things happen for a reason. I knew I had been careful by putting them where I had. So, my mind knew it was The Winter Faeries. It had to be them. But really, I said to myself, There are no such thing as faeries. But who else could it be? Mysteriously, the disappearance, of the 1 item, of a pair, just vanishing, discombobulated my thinking. Could there be faeries? There has to be, I reasoned.

There was nothing else to do, but retire to my bed for sleep. Tomorrow, I would face the day, and look in better light of day. Then, I would know what to do about calling in. As,I laid my head down on the pillow, I then, shut my eyes, hoping to fall asleep, quickly. But, my mind worried, awhile longer, as it thought, about, where the little item was hiding. After, rounding thoughts in my head, were wearing me out from fret, the only thing I could do was sincerely pray.

So, I did. I re-explained the situation to God. He said, I already know. . He said, You will have to trust, Right? Faith. Have faith. He saidreminding me about faith and questioning me about my lack of faith.

I said, OK, but ~

No buts! He echoed back.

So, I rolled over to sleep. Then, before I allowed sleep to come, a whisper told me to, get up. Walk barefooted. 

So, I did, not knowing what this was about, as my 1 item was in another room, and surely, this whisper wasn’t anything about my 1 item. But, I followed anyway.

The floors were very cold, but I did as the whisper said. Then, Funny, I felt something with my toe, over there. I didn’t like being barefoot, but I moved my great toe, over it once again, to feel the floor where the whisper suggested. Yes, there was something there that felt like that 1 item. I reached down with my hand to feel the object my great toe touched. Yes. Yes, it is my 1 lost item here on the floor in a different room from where I placed it.

I asked all the questions of who, what, where, why and how, and realized, it didn’t matter, but what truly mattered is that God sent and angel to help me find what the fairies hid (chuckle).

Most importantly, and the only thing left for me to do is, thank God, who sent his angel to whisper in my spirit, where the 1 item was misplaced, by ~ .


Thanking all lovely thoughts today

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