One Good Thing About Winter

Deadwood or reinvention
Deadwood or reinvention

Winter is the writer’s savory confections.
Grey days, rain, ice and snow evoke emotions.
Aroma’s of soup, candles, and fragrances allure affection’s
However Spring’s hope invite relief, from winter’s burdens.


Sometimes, in winter humans cry.
Grey clouds hover, as if, a veil dropped
A dullness covers the mind from on high.
It seems that, creativity and sanity, somehow swapped.


Oh, but I love Winter, Spring and Fall.
Grey summer sun rising, illuminates The Earth’s horizon,
and witnessed, temporarily, in the summer’s squall,
Nevertheless, the amber fire warms’ emotions of the winter writer’s action.

4 thoughts on “One Good Thing About Winter

  1. Really enjoyed this post…Winter is so often maligned, but seems we need to rediscover it’s quiet restorative qualities. Look forward to reading more of your work : )


    1. Thank you so much for your visit and your comment. I love visitors and love to visit others on their blogs as well. However, time sometimes doesn’t allow us to do much of this. We take what we can and give what we’re able.

      You have wonderful pictures. I really enjoy seeing the world through others.

      Nice meeting you on WP…


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      1. Really good to meet you as well…Having the opportunity to share a perspective, and step into someone elses viewpoint, so to speak, seems to be the object of so many of the arts. I’ve been a bit time pressed the last few days, and need to catch up in the assignments for our course, so apologize for not getting back sooner… Thanks so much for visiting, and your kind comments. Look forward to reading future posts on your blog : )

        Liked by 1 person

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