My Excitement! Creating A Book


It’s the end of January and Sara, my editor for my second novel, will be finished with the final edit.. I’m patiently biting my nails, and my stomach’s butterflies have turned into bats, as the last edit will have lot’s of red ink. I expect that, but I’m hoping for her to say, “Good job. And, with a few changes, I think it’s a “go.” Then, it will be ready for publishing. I am going to change the title as Sara and I have previously discussed this matter.

My idea for the novel on spiritual warfare began in fall 2009. In 2010, the thoughts were written on paper (the best way), then, transferred to the pc. From that time the villains have become the heroins and the heroins have emerged to other character types such as warriors, victims and insignificant personalities…

Allegories, metaphors, similes were used throughout the story in hopes that many would see themselves caught sometimes in the darkness of depression and other psychological components such as delusions and hallucinations. I have personally battled depression much of my life, so identifying with the story is/was easy for me. Adding here that when writing, my hand just takes off on its own and the story feels as if another entity is writing, through me. So, having said this, who knows where the ideas and thoughts come from and imagination isn’t the only source of creativity, but there is a spiritual source that must be heard and it uses it’s willing writer.

It’s been a year now, since edit one began (last January). Then, edit two started, over spring and summer and now, the last edit has occured during fall and winter… My coping skills for dealing with “the bats in my stomach” and awaiting the last word from her are demising. I can’t wait to see the red ink!

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