Thoughts About Bovines



Have you ever had “signs” appear around you? Signs like, street signs, signs in the newspaper, pictures that people send you out of nowhere, incidents that occur such as driving and the “sign” is on the vehicle in from of you with the thing that you’re getting the “signs” about? And then, you know the universe is telling you something?

Well, yesterday while driving that sign jumped out at me all day. So, what to do about the sign. I prayed first, as I was powerless, to let the cows out of the truck that were on their way to the slaughter house. The black ear tagged bovines were in front of me for 10 miles. There was no getting around them, so I followed for miles watching them watch me. At each stop, they looked at me with their huge dark, round, sad eyes, through the metal bars that separated them, from any further grazing on this planet. And, shortly, I understood that, all of them would be on someones plate. I couldn’t jump out of my car to free them Oh, how I wanted to. I only could pray that their death would be free of terror and pain.

Then, later yesterday, after my emotional time of following the bovines who tore my heart into, received a message from my son who had no idea that I had driven 10 miles behind the cows and was upset about their surmise. So, unknowingly, he sent a picture text from California. It is a story (with pictures of free animals) of a ranch where they wander to and fro. That would include chickens, goats, sheep, cows, and all animals man eats and more and how they slaughter without fear or harm….

I wonder what the signs mean ~

Thanking all lovely thoughts today

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