Crazy thoughts might take up a lot of our time ~ However ~


He showed us the heavens


He taught Mary about neurology *See the Gnostic Gospel of Mary

My Fire Drake
My Fire Drake

He slew the dragon


He gave women respect

Featured Image -- 2725

He healed

A White Wolf?
A White Wolf?

He taught us that miracle are possible


But, in all our crazy day to day thoughts and ideas, there is a man who was crucified 2,000 years ago, and today he creates as much controversy as he did then. Oddly, people still hate him, and some love him. He was a revolutionary. He gave women their first rights. He set men free, yet some still despise him. How could you hate this man…. It’s beyond me… Hate him if you must, but I promise you will miss the bread of life.

Thanking all lovely thoughts today

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