The Intervention

The Watchers
The Watchers

Buckling thunder and separating streams of light formed above the house that I live in. The lightening protected my conversations for the moment, even though, I spoke to the 2 psychiatrists, mind to mind. We had only moments to share information before the house was once again free from auditory protections afforded me. Invented by my deceased engineering father, from the grave he collaborated temporary asylum to protect me from the forces of the extraterrestrials. They heard every word I spoke and they could read my mind. The temporary electrical energy allowed 5 minutes to tell the 2 doctors that I had copied 7 manuscripts and placed them strategically in 7 different countries with 7 riddles and 7 mandala keys all of which were different. They were given instructions to read their copies supplied in hidden locations and then burn the information immediately. The understanding given to the 3 of us, there could be no betrayers since the shared minds could interpret and decipher any rebel plots to squeal on the other. ~

 The doctors were chosen because of their zeal for the unusual and I for my association with my father, whom they, the extras destroyed. They had visited me from birth; however, and thankfully, I was not deemed worthy in intellect for their purposes. I would have been thankful, but they never left me alone with their threats of death and destruction. Why they kept me alive was beyond me. I suppose, I’m glad, but I’m always on the run and doing their menial assignments. I lip read. So, they use me to find what they’re  looking for. I must mention here that the ET’s can read all minds using telepathy, but they don’t interpret all conversations and that is where they enslaved me. I’ve never been one-hundred percent sure who or why they have such interests in certain psychotic people, but they do. I work in mental hospitals for them.
In 5 minutes under the protection on the electrical field force, I downloaded my mind to theirs, the 2 psychiatrists, and visa versa. Instructions were to speak only mind to mind and have absolutely no eye contact or body language or gestures. They were to treat me as the lowly nurse that I had been educated and treat me in ill regard. The 2 doctors were to disrespect my statements and dismiss me from the room, from time to time. This was my instructions to them. They followed through and sometimes were over the top in their orders directed to me. The other nurses tried to step in for me, but I told them, “Absolutely not. I am strong and their comments don’t bother me.”
One of the doctors, who was 35 years my junior said, “That’s enough from you. I don’t need your input.” He didn’t even say, “Thank you Nurse.” I shrug them off, even though, sometimes I wondered if there was truth to his or their belittling of me and that the 2 of them really didn’t understand our mission. Anyway, The ET’s watched from their port, station or mother ship and they buy into our schemes, for now.
 Monday morning had arrived and the meeting began sharply at 0830. The first patient entered the office. He was babbling nonsense in a foreign indistinguishable tongue. He talked about the devil and his eyes changed. They became sharp and focused like a buzzards. his nostrils moved in and out in a faster rhythm. The intent of his posture also changed as he sat forward, on the edge of the chair. He shook his left index finger at us. “You wait,” he commented in a deep warning tone. “He is coming. You’ll see, he will call up tonight at 8. Trust me. You can mark my words.” The man lowered his index finger and the room fell silent. However, I can tell you, he isn’t the man, the Et’s were after.
To be continued ~

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