The Summer Fairies

Ahh… It was scorching.


The Summer Fairies

By Bonnie Jennings

Dancing, stirring, and singing

The flame became hotter, 

The summer’s heat and the decadent stove

The Brownies should’ve sweltered, 


 But the fairies didn’t care 

As they stirred the pot 
And the music grew louder 
As my foot steps tapped about…


 The laughter and heat 

And the food so sweet 
Made us all laugh with glee 
As we sang to the beat…


 And so we carried on 3 hours or so 

On a Sunday’s eve mid Summer, you know…


After a  jig or two while having bare-feet

Then, eating the remainder of our cuisine 
And laughing when dinning with food in our mouths
Our toes kept the rhythm to the airy gypsy beat. 


 Like the jungle heat 

On a mosquito clad day, 
But the fairies didn’t mind 
So, we continued to play…


 Whirling; the hot room seemed to go 

The voices louder and music showed 
That it wasn’t a surreal dream 
But so authentic, indeed 


 And Soon all the gingerliness crumpets were eaten

Then a tart desert toppled with
Yummy Ice-cream Alexanders 
And round fairies who served whiskey Liquors 


 And the eve of the day

Was met with delight 
And I turned up the music 
But, to my surprise! 


 The fairies fell sleeping, 

Snoring so sound 
And sadly I left them 
Tucked in their wee beds 


 I then closed their doors 

So wanting to play 
But the faeries asleep 
Made it difficult to stay…


 So, I too fell…

Fast asleep 
On this summer’s eve
In my whimsical chair 
Curled up in the heat.  


Was this a vision? 
A dream that I partook 
Aha…! More than likely
A delirium it seems.


Thinking and dreaming of magic galore 

And when I awakened to a sobered snore…

The faeries were gone 
But, left behind were all their chaotic fairy chores.



New Orleans Coffee Queen by Bojenn 2012
Bojenn 2010


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