A Poem for Jacob; The Cat, The Mouse and The Squirrel

Mimsi and Jacob Christmas 2014
Mimsi and Jacob Christmas 2014

A Poem for Jacob; Friends and Pets

By Bonnie Jennings ©2015


The Cat and the mouse played hide and seek

In the home of a squirrel and bugs

They sang a song while running along

To the tune of tweedy in love

The squirrel took the broom and cleaned the room

While the cat watched the mouse who danced

They serenaded each other between the butter

With a fork and a pence dab-loon

The squirrel declared, “Enough!” while coughing from the dust

And, cast them, so far away

It was a terrible dismay, on a superior fine day,

In the fresh clean month of May.

And as it’s been told, speaking so bold,

The squirrel rarely comes out to play

For’ his friends did depart, thus speaking from his heart

Admits his decisions were not to smart; and that diplomacy is an art

And, that squirrels could pine forevermore at the moon…

Thanking all lovely thoughts today

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