Day 4. The World Overflows With Delilah’s’ (Manipulation and control)

Day 4. The World Overflows With Delilah’s’ (Manipulation and control)

“Delilah says to Samson, you have made a fool of me  (the controller), you lied to me (the manipulator. She probably had big tears then), tell me how I can bind you? (the sadist manipulator speaks again).”

Judges 16:10

Now Delilah listens intently as Samson (was made to feel and accepted the manipulation as truth) tells her how he can be bound….

* Note: “Was made to feel,” forcing feelings on others is the same principle as slight of hand, or chicanery is to a magician. Similar to the shopping networks sales people’s pitch … You, just have to have one or two, darling!

Samson STOP! ~ But, he doesn’t, and this made all the difference in their world at that time…

The world overflows with Delilah’s….

The Watchers

The good news is there are Mary’s in our world, as well. Samson was probably a Mary…

One last point, Mary’s will defend themselves when placed in a corner… Like Samson, they are capable of knocking down fortresses… (passive/aggressive) 🙂

Thanking all lovely thoughts today

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