Day 6 ~ Sometimes You Just Got To Yell and Scream!

“When I kept silent, my bones waisted away through my growling all day.” Psalm 32:3

It is no wonder that many illnesses arise from within our psych and turmoil. The products of ill-feelings, un-forgiveness and our hidden secrets fester within us and manifested as something else.

Illnesses are sometimes caused from burning secrets within us. They make fires in our bodies which become frail over time.


15 thoughts on “Day 6 ~ Sometimes You Just Got To Yell and Scream!

  1. Very true! Everything origines inside and manifests over time in the outside layers of our beings. The same happens in positive developments like healing and manifesting our dreams and visions. Thank you for sharing this.

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    1. Erika, yes it is true and humanity is becoming so aware of this fact. I’m taking a course called The Astrology of Healing (by Ingrid Neiman) and we have been calculating our first wound and where our acute and chronic diseases formed initially in our bodies using birth to present. It is very interesting as my natal chart has 2 houses effected as my chronic condition sits on the cusp of both and one did effect me at a young age… However, I think I’m fairly healthy, but have noticed that when worry or fear takes over my psych these sites (of the 2 houses) are where my body breaks down…

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      1. That is indeed very interesting to figure out what areas within your body react first and when and where this sensibility was triggered. Wow! Thank you for telling me about it. I always love to get to the bottom of those things.

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        1. Ingrid Neiman wrote The Kitchen Doctor many years ago. A used one on Amazon is ~ $250.00. She is in her 70’s and this is her last class. She is a remarkable woman…

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          1. I just researched for this course in the web. I would have loved to join one as well. But looks that I am too late. That’s a shame. Because there is something within me that is rooted that deep and always comes up again… I would have loved to find out where it comes from and how to finally let it go. But I guess I have to take another path… Would be great if you posted at times about your experiences.

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            1. It’s not too late! We began about a month ago and new people joined us this week… She said, she is letting newbies into the class. She moves slowly and has recorded webinars for everyone in the world.

              I would love to have you join, then maybe we could do our calculations together! LOL… It’s calculous! I struggle, but love it when I accomplish the formulas…

              If you contact her, please, let her know you learned of the program through me… I don’t get anything for it, but I want her to know how much I respect her teaching. She is VERY patient…

              Let me know…

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              1. Can you tell me how much time there is required? Because I don’t think I can do that at the moment. I hoped there was a course in fall or so. I am in a different course at the moment which is completed by then.


            2. I will post from time to time; however, I’m not understanding all the little details, yet, and I want to make certain that I understand before writing about it…

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