Day 7 The Number of God and Rest

“On the 7th day God rested.” Genesis

Dog spelled backwards: God
Dog spelled backwards: God

In the past few weeks, I finished a novel 599 pages related to spiritual warfare, sadness and spirits. I studied how to write query letters, I’ve written poetry, worked to make money, participated in a class for learning healing related to the stars, studied all kind of topics, written more poetry, socialized, tended to my animals (5), put out fires and now I must go to work for money today. I was up at 4 am CST this morning. But, in that time, I rested in between this and that.

We are busy humans. This is the point. In all the business quiet contemplative time fleets away and perhaps we are left with wondering what happened? What went wrong? Or questions like this we ask when life doesn’t sync and feels as if a train derailed because time and attention weren’t given to the small details that would have or could have prevented the accident or incident. So, that is why prayer and meditation is a must for living a life successfully.

Even God rested.

I hope you and I have a week of goodness, love and that we see how precious the little things are to living life abundantly. These little flowers have been our gifts, all along.

❤ ❤ ❤

I am thankful for the little things.

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