Day 13 Family


13 = 1 + 3 = 4 and 4 = Family

Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see. 

Hebrews 11:1 (which = 3, The Trinity)

She was in a horrible car accident in March of 2002. Her car slipped off I-20 in Louisiana, USA in the middle of a rainy night coming home from visiting her brother while he was at the university. They had gone to a bar and she decided to suddenly come home. Someone at the bar slipped a paralytic in her drink. It must have been when she was leaving because it hit her system 20 to 25 minutes later while she was driving alone. When they found me 5 hours later, I had to rush to the hospital and hour away. I was working at the hospital they stabilized her at, but she had to be transported to a higher level of care at LSU Shreveport, La. We drove in the rain as fast as we could. And when we arrived at LSU my sweet little girl was in a coma which would last for almost 2 months. She was on life support and had a feeding tube and a tracheotomy as well as a head and neck brace. She sustained anoxia for 5 hours (no oxygen to the brain), 2 head traumas, a hangman’s fracture, and 26 broken bones. She was in bad shape. The doctors were doubtful she would make it and said, if she did, the quality of her life would more than likely be vegetative, at the most. Of course I prayed like any mother would or should and my prayers were no different. My mothers prayer is what sustained her as she prayed for a full recovery and I (ye of little faith prayed God would be merciful and take her home because Elysia had always been a free spirit and if she had to be a vegetable for the rest of her life than that would not be the best, in my opinion). and, here I have to say, Thank God my mother’s prayers were the ones God accepted and Elysia woke up almost 2 months later.

So, having said the above, 4, it’s the number of family and family is the most important role in our lives. Families are made up of various people and animals… They may not be your immediate family but it is the ones who see you through the rough places…

Thanks for reading and have an awesome day! Love to you and have great faith like my mother who moved mountains at that time…

3 thoughts on “Day 13 Family

  1. What a beautiful post, full of tragedy and hope. Your post is really about miracles God can create for his children if we will let him, thank you for sharing your post.

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