Distant Lands
Distant Lands

Destinations on Earth excite people, and

Going here, there and everywhere finding escape is nice or

Better than “nice” is grand, and

I wish that I could go, I really should, you know ~

I keep telling myself these things, and

I do listen, I really do, but

Leaving on a jet plane, like

When I was a flight attendant 26 years ago, then

But now I’m an innkeeper for animals of

The canine sort and the feline kind , and of

Course I would feel guilty leaving them, because

They’re my little friends, who

Never left me, never ~ so

I would pay them the same gift as ~

They have graciously given to ~

Me, so often, when I needed their comfort … I

Guess because I’m older now, and

Realize that ~ I make my excuses. The

World of OCD and agoraphobia that’s

Mine and the excuse that ~

The world is perceived in our hearts, and

In our minds of memories long ~

Ago, when life had more vibrance, less cares, and

We were jet setters, then

It was long ago, and

I’m afraid to fly now honestly, and

It’s strange because I

never understood aerodynamics, then

Nor now, and

This has truthfully made all the difference in my world of

Traveling with rumination that imprison people.


I fly in my mind in a vessel called imagination..

Flying while dreaming

My Agoraphobic Anthem

Peter Paul and Mary singing:

I’m Leaving On A Jet Plane

Thanking all lovely thoughts today

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