Day 27

And we’re back to 9’s because 2 + 7 = 9… 

The Mysteries of the number 9

And, I’m going to elaborate about the roads or paths of 9’s…  The Psalm 9, which I chose because of the 9, is ironically close to the way 9’s view the world. They are upright people, but they at the same time as being upright, are not self righteous. This is what they say in their hearts and probably sing or hum all day long. They do not curse anyone, as this psalm seems to favor the promise that God will wipe out or blot out the nations. They are more concerned about themselves being a pure light or witness. This is their solemn goal or path.  And they wish, hope and expect no harm for anyone or anything. They are sensitives and would or could feel the pains of other humans or creatures. They would want or desire God’s best for all life. They would pray for the lost and ask God for his mercy and grace on any situation. You will find 9’s in hospitals, prisons, feeding the homeless and in their prayer closets more than any other number and to add more than likely the 9 person would not stand out. They would be invisible to others. They help the 8’s to shine and take non of the light for themselves. They would not take selfies and post them on FB… Ha ha… That was a test to see who’s still reading or yawning at this point… You see, the 9 looks boring to the world and their is nothing in their appearance that other numbers lust or desire over. 9’s are often over-looked by popular society.

Psalm 9

I will give thanks to the Lord with my whole heart;

I will recount all of your wonderful deeds. 

I will be glad and exult in you;

I will sing praise to your name, 

O Most High.

When my enemies turn back,

They stumble and perish before your presence.

For you have maintained my just cause;

You have lsat on the throne, giving righteous judgment.

You have rebuked the nations;

You have made the wicked perish;

You have blotted out their name forever and ever.

The enemy came to an end in everlasting ruins;

Their cities you rooted out;

The very memory of them has perished.

But the Lord sits enthroned forever;

He has established his throne for justice,

And he judges the world with righteousness;

He judges the peoples with uprightness.

Death and rebirth, regeneration as I’ve written before all represent nines.’ However, like 8’s, nines are also somewhat isolated. It’s not because they are unfriendly, no, not anything like this at all. Their drama, and or, real life situations are troublesome and burdensome for the average person. 9’s overwhelm many people, but they are not snobbish or cool to others. It is because they are constantly thinking and their brains or hamster wheels are always in motion thinking about how to save the world from itself.

They are not to be confused with borderline personality disorder, and many would say they are BL. It is because of all the drama that surrounds the 9, some would give them this diagnosis. The difference is Borderlines make trouble or stir up problems for deliberate reasons, but not 9’s.

Nine’s are a life path of pain and sorrow beyond the norm of human life. Mother Teresa was on a 9 path. Nine’s are humble regarding themselves and may seem shy or aloof, and have often been labelled snobs, weird, outcast, introverts, etc etc etc… But, they are truly on the path of suffering. Mary The Mother of Jesus was a 9 or on a 9 path. Nine’s will have a great deal of trauma and tragedy surrounding them and they are quiet and seem to take it in stride. They understand the mysteries of life on a deep level, not because they’ve studied it, but because they have experienced and know with first hand knowledge. Of course Jesus Christ was a 9 and on a 9 path.

Nines get martyred, not to stand out or get attention, but because of their commitment to self character which is outstanding, they are usually eliminated because as it is said, darkness hates the light. So, they are murdered or expunged from the normal because someone feared their truths which they walk in daily

Now, for a little comparison and recap on the numbers 1 –  9. They, the 9’s, are the wisest of all other number aspects. They do not shine like an 8 and, by the way, just because someone shines means they need not to be voted for or believed. They, the 8’s, simply shine and thats that. They (the 8’s) are not necessarily grounded or knowledgeable about anything. But, when they talk their inner light attracts people like bugs flying towards a lite and we know that is deadly for an insect. Nor do 9’s have street knowledge like a 6, who maybe a humanitarian athlete, or is known as A Mans’ Man. Sixes are out in public probably politicking or newscasting. They are very popular outgoing people. They are the personalities which are most likely to succeed and you will find them in high school yearbooks on many pages. Sixes stand out. And now, 5’s are too much like living a mystery novel, and for a 9, who is already living in a huge mystery, the total humanity mystery, finds the 5’s life nerve-racking and overly dramatic. The 4’s and 2’s are too family oriented and gung-ho about life and they are the family and church picnickers. Both of those numbers are the cheerleaders of society, which we need as a community. Two’s and fours pick up the slack of the 9’s by cheering on the downtrodden. “Come on you can do it.” Then, the 3 is an artist and they maybe the closes to understanding a 9, as the 3 (Trinity) can write or paint the experiences, of the 9’s, with such interpretive clarity.  It’s, as if, the 3 person lived the 9’s life, and either wrote about it, or painted the experience like a Mona Lisa.

Lastly, the number 1 understands all the numbers. It is the rock or building block of all numbers. It is the tough guy.  As we well know, any number times 1 stays itself. The number 1’s are most like 8’s. Ones, can stand alone; however, they can stand with any number, but 1 strives to be independent of all other values, and desires its own identity separate from all other numbers… In away, 1’s resent all other numbers, and feels used at times. They reflect all other numbers because that is the 1’s defining job, so it does as it is instructed, but it feels the weight of the entire base of numbers…

Does any of this make sense? Nope, probably not… LOL. That’s okay, cause sometimes I raise my eyebrow too… 

Have a wonderful day!

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