Smiling Therapy

Smiling Therapy

For mild to moderate depression… You may do these steps alone.

Preliminary: Tears and a BIG HUGE CRY!

Then ~ and only then may you start the smiling therapy.

1) Look in the mirror and use your fingers to lift the mouth upward and hold it for 1 minute in the smile position.

2) Now, after holding the lips and mouth in a smile with fingers slightly pushing upwards, then, hold it in place for 2 minutes without the fingers. You can do it…

3) OH YEA! I FORGOT! Take a selfie before smiling exercises and see why you need step 1, then move on to 2.

4) After the smiling exercises take another selfie with make-up on and hair brushed, and teeth brushed.

5) DO NOT EAT THAT LAST BROWNIE, you will be sorry and frown again. Don’t eat that cookie either! You may move on to number 6 though, after refraining from, your sweet indulgent persecution (because we deserve it) addictions. Excuse me, that’s right, I know one when I see one, like minded people think a like…  Pass that cookie here, please… Thank you, or maybe not… One addict to another, Hi, my name is (whatever) and I’m addicted to brownies… 

6) Instead of the brownie or cookie, get Ben and Jerry’s favorite flavor ice cream and sit on couch watching a movie. My suggestion is Jimmy Stewart in Harvey.

7) After Harvey, if not laughing it is now time to go outside to play ball with the dog or dogs. Or, if you haven’t any dogs to play with, then, a fishing pole with the cats is also fun. Instead of a hook on the end, fish them with their favorite catnip toy… If there are no animals available then visit a zoo or borrow your neighbors.

8) Next, if need be, go to “Charles and join Harvey for a nightcap.”

9) Write limericks … “There once was an old crone who sang a song” ~ (Now, you take it away~)

10) Join a laughing room (A library or group of laughers)

11) Listen to stupid jokes. Roseanne Barr making her TV debut cracks me up every time…

An even better video of Roseanne

12) Call someone and tell them the dumb joke you just laughed at and after you memorized the punch line…

13) Call your family member you have avoided.

14) Go shopping at Walmart (that should amuse you)

15) Sing in the car. LA LA LA LOL

6) When you get home turn on the dance music and exercise to increase your endorphins and to work off The Ben and Jerry’s.

17) Make a fabulous meal for the dogs, take pictures of your dog chow food accomplishment and post on FB

18) Let them think you’ve lost your mind, sing happy birthday to yourself, even though, that date is 6 months past.

19) Buy $10.00 worth of lottery tickets and pass them out to random people

20) Have some fruit and hardboiled eggs… I don’t know why; It just seems sensible.

Disclaimer* If you are suicidal go to the emergency room.   🙂    

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