A World Without God Would be like ~


There was absolutely no reason to wake up feeling hopeless this morning. Then, a thought came to me. It was a strange thought and I’ve never had this kind of idea before this morning.

My thought was ~ There is no hope; so, there is no god? And, therefore, god is dead? I asked myself, trying to reassure me that this idea was simply false, as god promised he would always be with us, and I conjured this idea out of thin air.

But then, the voice of reason (Gods, with a capital G) spoke to me and said, if people have no hope then surely there is no god. For without god there is no hope for the sun to rise or the moon to set. There would be no order and chaos would prevail. The world would be in a constant state of depression and anxiety.

3 thoughts on “A World Without God Would be like ~

Thanking all lovely thoughts today

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