So, do not awaken me before my time


Please do not awaken my soul as I walk

Dreamily, beauty is all I do see

Opening my eyes to early could be

Terrifying to a sleeping soul not yet yawning

So, do not awaken me before my time

Allow for the innocence while fawning

The clouds capture my baby dreams

While sleep walking away up yonder


The colors of waters
The colors of waters

The East wind blows anticipating a storm

The intensity of heat from the summer sun dissipated

The blueness of the breeze chilled our spiny bones

Could it be that the season dwindles

Speculations too soon for this truth

Hoping the sweltering hot begone

And the waves from The East bring some relief

To the shores of Fairhope before dawn

Fate or Karma catches the killer


I read about humans today that murdered innocent animals.

Their egos out of proportion to kindness’ that animals afford men

And, karma we hope is truthful and comes with swift jamming action

To mortals like those who kill for sport and take the innocent with them

Our souls gather spoils belonging to others

The lions head on your fireplace mantle

Shall haunt you forever seen flickering in a candle

Putting the murder to rest is your crimson scandal

Your dreams where you’re frightfully running

Escaping through a hot dusty path thought, cunning

AH-HA! Caught ~ in your lair ~ you set ~ While awaiting

For the animals trap set for the lion

Has now captured the big cat’s killer

And atlas that fate has surrounded and proves true.

The murdering sports hunter has just been slew

Earning the wings that I wear


Earning the wings that I wear, 

Dutiful battles and wars not disbarring, 

The sight of suffering and smell of stench, 

The roads we’ve traveled often forgotten, 

The hunger for home, not resenting, 

The survival fought for mankind, 

My wings though grey with dirt, 

The fight has passed my thirst, 

But we continue forward, 

As soldiers do, 

Commanded by the Lord, 

Until we’re through.


Don’t think you shall slip from me,

The Watchers
The Watchers

Don’t think you shall slip from me, 

My mind won’t permit

The waters try to separate us, 

From the sweat and the dust of Earth, 

But I won’t let them take you away,

Though the clock hands unwind to suggest so, 

BUT, I SHALL STOP THEM, from taking you, 

My night dreams and visions will carry us through, 

Until I enter the door of everlasting bliss ~

And perhaps leave you here, 

Half forgotten, “Oh, my dear.” 

I’ll let you go if I must

So, here’s to your peace

In me you can forever trust.

Farewell, my love, goodbye.

July 20th, 2015; We Said Farewell

Jo Jo as His Glove...
Jo Jo as His Glove…

My Little Jo Jo
March 2009-July 20, 2015

Closing eyes shut I see green pasturesSee you run freely
There in the flowers you jump so high
Barking ~ Like laughter
To see you smile
Cherished fond memories
Moments of ~
Off and on, fleeting visions
Running close to me
Reaching out to touch you
Then disappearing from my dreams
Only left with an image
You standing on a hill
Telling me ~
I’ll see you soon
Selfishly you are missed
I hold you here
Confusion about living
Dying and the hands unwind
You whisper to tell me
If you listen you’ll hear me
Just call on me
If you need me then call me
I’m not far from you


You bequeathed me
When the moon was full
In fall during harvest time
The sun set in the warmth of summers end
Then, we walked on the shore hand in hand
Thus you stole my heart
While I wasn’t watching
Under the lights of a starry sky
My body limp and my soul captured
Then, you walked next to me
Into the dark of all the darkest nights
Staying with me for six short years
And not a year longer you tarried
Forgetting, we cared not, all others existed
Meshing our love, entwined and bare
Then, walking upon warm moonlit sand promised
Assurances have no guarantees of longevity
And often are broken
Rest assured you had my heart
From the uttermost beginning of time
When The Moon’s light inspired us
And the warmth of Summers end was well behind.
In time we shall will meet again
When the sparkles on crystal beaches reflect
The love of humankind who meets his best friend
A dog named Jo Jo whom I bequest



The Healers in Ecuador

I dedicate this poem to someone that I admire beyond words…

To Ingrid Naiman

Ingrid’s blog and link to her, out of this world, knowledge of healing…


The intricate beauty of god's love

The Healers in Ecuador
Ecuador lush greens, and iguanas galore
The smell of the Hibiscus so sweet they implore
The hunches of folk maidens found in books
Adventures in paradise; listening to brooks
Healing the soul from whence it came
Releasing the bondages from deadly games
The essence of breath found in the jungle untamed.
The healers explored vast botany ignored
Within the person the pilgrims restored
Instead of a pharmacy excepting a bribe
Drops from lush plants heal souls that subscribe
And, hope soars as the eagles proclaim,
The Boehme folk maidens brushed them and gently lay claim
Healing for anyone without any shame
Thanking The Earth for royal bounties it shares
Requesting in return to replenish its’ ware

By Bonnie Jennings



©2015 Bonnie Jennings. All Rights Reserved

My Soulmate is a Pilgrim,


My soulmate is a pilgrim, 
He explores the zodiac’s constellations
Not always in our own Milky Way, he treks
His journeys enlighten mankind
Because he aims his bow hunting faith in Sagittarius
And swims with emotional artestry in Pisces
He judges mankind with Libran scales
As he admires beauty while visitingTaurus
By Capricorn he calculates the distances to travel
With Gemini he knows about all the heavens
In Aquarius he will always be courageous and cool
While adventuring The Scorpio Moon, my soulmate tells no secrets
Because he is a man of Aries who has great self worth
His mother The Virgin he humbly thanks
The Cancer crab brings him home again
He enters Earth as Leo the lion
That  time occured when Regulus in retrograde circled Jupiter
Then, Jupiter conjoined Venus
Making it event the brightest lights in all heaven
So the Maggi would find the divine child
My soulmate is that deity
He rides on the tail of the comets.
One day he will come again
He promised
And he, my friend, does not lie.

© #Bojenn 2015 All Rights Reserved

The Death of The Matrix


The Death of The Matrix

We are their tunes created for their folly

Some of us are sad and others jolly

The lyricist wrote the song, we’ll sing

As fate bound us

with their linguistic ring


The happy songs perhaps their prejudice

The silly songs laughter gives way, their belly ache

And the drunken songs supplies their demonic vice

and all along we play

The sad songs, the affirmations of their fallen mortal advice


Nevertheless, we march along vibrating tunes charged

Pretending soldiers but really prearranged

Shuffling to their orchestra manipulating human pawns

The humanoid awaits

The savior who will ride the sun’s beams at the break of dawn


And on that day mankind will be set free

Playing their true songs which were meant to be

And the plants will glow their sumptuous greens

The river flows again

No longer experienced through artificial means


The true song we always hear in our dreams

We will sing one day perhaps very soon.


©2015 Bonnie Jennings #BoJenn All Rights Reserved

I have been nominated for ~ The Variety of Life Award By Smorgasbord

I was nominated for an award and I thank Smorgasbord who has awarded me with The variety of life bloggeRs award. Thanks smorgasbord!

Now on with the award

I appreciate that not everyone is in the position of accepting awards so there is no pressure on behalf of those that I nominate but I hope they will accept my thanks for their contribution to my reading pleasure and the flowers at the end of the post.

Here are the rules of engagement.

And, Bojenn thanks Smorgesbord for the thoughtful consideration @

Thank the giver and link their blog to your post.
Answer the 10 questions given to you.
Pass the award on to 7 other bloggers of your choice and let them know that they have been nominated.
Include the logo of the award in a post or on your blog.

Here are the questions that Toi has set me…

1 If resources were unlimited, would you rather have every book ever written, or every movie, or every song? This is tough, but I will have to say music, I can write lyrics, but not create music.

2 What’s something fictional that you wish was real or could be real someday?

Harvey, from the movie Harvey

3 If you had to change identities and start over: would you be someone completely different or about the same. (I’d love to see some examples.)

I would not change me, but I would be less shy and more confident in my work and in self.

4 When watching a good movie at home, what do you eat and or drink?

wine, red wine preferably, and not too sweet, but bold and slightly dry.

5 When reading a good book, what do you eat or drink? Water, no food, it’s too distracting.

6 What’s your favorite slang term (explain it please)? Something my father always said, and it’s not repeatable… 🙂

7 What’s currently your favorite hashtag?

non, as I don’t understand hashtags

8 If your life story was going to be told would you want to: publish a diary or journal, write your autobiography, or hand-pick someone to write your biography for you?

A novel I wrote called Elizabeth Catherine Dubois

9 What do you seek long-term: fame and or influence, wealth, or happiness?

Delightfulness in my readers and viewers as I hope I’ve taught them something new…

10 What’s one topic you don’t like to discuss with the public (you’d rather just keep it private or intimate)?

My intimacy

Here are my nominees.

1) merryfairy

2) Erika Kind

3) Buffalopeabody

4) The dune mouse

5) The V Pub

6) Lis

7) Alan alb29oclfl