The Death of The Matrix


The Death of The Matrix

We are their tunes created for their folly

Some of us are sad and others jolly

The lyricist wrote the song, we’ll sing

As fate bound us

with their linguistic ring


The happy songs perhaps their prejudice

The silly songs laughter gives way, their belly ache

And the drunken songs supplies their demonic vice

and all along we play

The sad songs, the affirmations of their fallen mortal advice


Nevertheless, we march along vibrating tunes charged

Pretending soldiers but really prearranged

Shuffling to their orchestra manipulating human pawns

The humanoid awaits

The savior who will ride the sun’s beams at the break of dawn


And on that day mankind will be set free

Playing their true songs which were meant to be

And the plants will glow their sumptuous greens

The river flows again

No longer experienced through artificial means


The true song we always hear in our dreams

We will sing one day perhaps very soon.


©2015 Bonnie Jennings #BoJenn All Rights Reserved

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