Fate or Karma catches the killer


I read about humans today that murdered innocent animals.

Their egos out of proportion to kindness’ that animals afford men

And, karma we hope is truthful and comes with swift jamming action

To mortals like those who kill for sport and take the innocent with them

Our souls gather spoils belonging to others

The lions head on your fireplace mantle

Shall haunt you forever seen flickering in a candle

Putting the murder to rest is your crimson scandal

Your dreams where you’re frightfully running

Escaping through a hot dusty path thought, cunning

AH-HA! Caught ~ in your lair ~ you set ~ While awaiting

For the animals trap set for the lion

Has now captured the big cat’s killer

And atlas that fate has surrounded and proves true.

The murdering sports hunter has just been slew

Thanking all lovely thoughts today

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