6 thoughts on “Judicial Report Watch: ‘ Clinton email scandal hots up with big news stories after court process ‘

  1. I’m curious as to whether the press will finally give this story the attention it deserves. If it were GWB, I’m positive that they would have done so already.

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    1. I don’t think they will give this topic any attention. It is up to us, I suppose, to put just the facts out there. I really like the way ACE World News does this… They give only the facts and no commentary of their

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      1. Even with the facts so prominently displayed, I’m afraid our electorate is so fractured, that it’s not about character any more. It’s only about winning and losing. So sad.

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        1. Yes, and who knows what is truth anymore? Everything is so diluted and convoluted, we can’t know… It makes me wonder, now , if years ago (1960’s -late 1990’s) did any of us ever have any parts of truth? Who can we trust? Who can we believe? I’m afraid to say there is probably very few, and then if there are honest reporters (not slanted one way or the other), would we believe them?

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          1. That’s a great question. People wanted to believe Dan Rather, even though it was conclusively proven that the AWOL documents were forged. Rather even went on TV stating that the documents were fake, but the information contained therein, wasn’t. How Orwellian is that!

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            1. Yes, isn’t that odd? He was caught lying and people still believe him and trust him. There is truth to the word “sheeple.” We are easily swayed and led over cliffs and into valleys for their slaughter (of the mind…)

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