“The Fetus”

The Fetus

“The fetus and/or discarded tissue” is the way, they refer to the child, I never knew.
A fight to protect a grown woman right’s is predominate over the right’s of you.
Big business, clear throat, the governments claims are like talons
They use the media to promote their “caring valors.”
While, in fact, my babies tissue it seems
Was used in cosmetics and that was beyond my wildest dreams
“We’re just experimenting for the good of mankind,”
Their lame excuses sicken me, I suppose, they knew, I was blind.
To the fact that my babies tissues brought monetary and scientific foresight
Is beyond this humans understanding and is societies plight
For what will we be when it comes to mankind?
Throw away babies for the sake of the dying?
Are we so greedy and grab at our demising time left
That we forfeit the right’s of the young, through theft?
There’s no more to say at this moment
Except my heart has broken each Christmas morning
Missing two faces, whose hands are gone
Into someone’s hair treatment and a bottle of pretentious Perignon
***There is no picture that I found suitable so one was chosen at random.

Skulls at Choeung Ek

6 thoughts on ““The Fetus”

  1. Truly heartbreaking. With the planned parenthood scandal on the forefront, and without the corresponding outrage, I wonder where we’ve gone as a society.

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    1. I wonder if people are desensitized to what is happening and has been occurring, since roe v wade, by the constant media subliminal messaging that tells us we are not “enlightened” or “ignorant” unless we believe their lies about abortion… It is crazy madness to believe them…


      1. The suspension of common sense is staggering. I’ve offered to my pro-choice friends this: What if you were constrained to technology of 1973 to treat cancer? Why are we then constrained to the technology of 1973 and RvW to determine where life begins?

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        1. The pro-choice movement can’t hear the infant/fetus because of their agenda. The pro-lifers need to come up with a viable plan that protects woman and the fetus.. It isn’t about a party or an issue that should be on a ballot. This is about right or wrong, the death of an infant, or not.

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