The Whale’s Karma

“AHOY Mates!” Is that what I heard?
The waves carried the words, I’m certainly sure.
From fifty feet off the shore
A ship is seen, from some world war
But, the fog’s clouds irratically hang
And a ghost vessel echoed a mans slang
A chill of helplessness from my deepness sprang
Nothing but prayer, to set them free again
Then a choir of whales and porpoises sang
It seems the animal spirits had finally won
And the man on the vessel was swallowed by their song
Perhaps that’s the end of the ship of war
And the animal spirits rest without having their corps. 
The “AHOY” of the man drowned with the whales sighs.
The ocean devoured all civil wrongs and outcries. 
 ~ Then peace was felt coming from the sea.
Silence and rest poured from beneath.
Not a wail heard from the man, nor the whale
And the ocean’s water swallowed the sinful tales
Bragging whaling sailor’s; forever jailed. 
Leaving the whales song for mankind to hear.
Forever now, the whale, perhaps the mammal will endure.

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