How red the couch was, then

*From a writing prompt from Alan Boles A Poet’s Haven on FB. Thank you Alan for all your support.


How red the couch was, then

Awe the sweet memories of decadent sin

Thank God it was then and not now
Hah! I’m way too old to think about how
We were so untamed
Away back when
The sultry steam of human pheromones
Permeate my senses, in this zone
The aromas of your flesh create
Wickedness, that I can’t resist
Naughtiness of the moment
Sweet heat, oh, the moans
The shabby red velvet of memories yesterday
Hold sensuous visions of you, as you lay
Sprawled with body wide open
Welcoming me, my body smoking
Oh, how we conjoined many years ago
On the red velvet couch
How it smells of today, though ~ not so.

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