I Live in Someone’s Mystery

“Turn the show off! I don’t want to watch, see or hear it! Understand?” She looked away from the thrill seekers and the wanna-be PI’s who religiously watched CSI, Enigma, The X Files, The Bourne Identity, The Matrix, or even, The Men in Black, furthermore, any other similar movie where adrenalin is off the charts. “Damn-it! They ought to live inside one of those stories. Maybe they’d change their minds.”

He called her last night. The plan changed like it often does. He wasn’t supposed to ever contact her again. That was the agreement and even though it was a painful one, it kept her safe, for a while anyway. But, he blew it. Her sister lived up to the bargain. She left 50 years ago and never looked back. That’s what working for The Government of The USA will do to a family.

They are after him. Protecting him would put everyone’s lives in jeopardy. Should she take the risk? Should she blow their hidden agenda? Would it cost her life? Was it worth her life or anyone else’s? To tell a truth that was merely a small piece of a huge puzzle that would prove to be minuscule, perhaps insignificant in the grand design of this plan by them, not even Americans, at all, would it be worth all this drama? Would anyone get it, understand or care? After all, human life was totally captured by everyday life and problems and birthing of human babies, marriage and the deaths of the elderly that if a puzzle piece that cost a life were given to them, could they see it? Would they care or comprehend the idea that this life was a facade, a game, a nonspiritual existence that would shatter all the good thoughts about the reasons we live and die and take all reasonable arguments about heaven and hell off all records because the answer would devastate most of us, including the woman.

She had to believe, after all, what else would make life worth living?

So how did this begin? Reflecting on her family ancestry, the furtherest back she could bring some of the enigma together was remembering her father.She was in first or second grade. That was the easiest of times. She wrote a story once about him.

He was a mechanical engineer who graduated after WWII was over. It was around the year 1946 when he graduated top of his class at Georgia Tech. During The Great Depression his Mississippi family became dirt poor. He had to live in California with Old Maid aunts when he was a boy and they raised him strictly, but because of them he did very well professionally.  He went on to design missiles and rockets for Mortan_Thiokol. Some of his work included The Nike series, The Hercules and The Zeus. He loved what he did and couldn’t believe The USA government would pay him, he loved it so much. So, it all began with daddy.

Daddy later had an encounter of the 4th kind. Alien encounter. Apparently the men in Black debriefed him rather abruptly after flying him to Washington, DC within a few hours of the incident. There he was threatened and sworn to secrecy. Except he told the young girl of 7, 8 or 9. Everything. He thought she wouldn’t understand or remember. But, she did.

Now, soon there after, her sister, who spoke 5 languages and her husband who also spoke several languages moved to Santiago, Chile. It was 1966. Not long after there returning back to The USA that the daughter contacted the family and disowned them. The year 1968. She never wrote, called or sent a Christmas Card ever again. However, the mother and father knew she was alive and live in DC, thereafter. The strained daughter never attended a funeral or marriage, birth or any deaths after that letter that ended all family connections.

That letter of farewell was similar to the letter of cease and desist that she was sent by him, her child.

Thanking all lovely thoughts today

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