The Forest of No Return. A Halloween Tale


The Forest of No Return
The Forest of No Return

 The Forest of NO return

Time stood quietly still, inside the thickets, of the cold dank foggy woods.

The path’s invitation beckoned me, but I was afraid, but did as a child should.

I’ve traveled this way once before when daddy steered.

But today, the carriage stopped as the horses butts reared and hooves that slipped from the dew.


Their whinnies and their heavy snorting chortled from their wet snouts,

The warmed air from there nostrils looked like billowing smoke.

Father demanded that they go, so as to finish our journeys Un-choked.

But mama knew the horses and suspected something wrong.


 Mama said, “No. No, we mustn’t go.” She stepped down to see how long.

She read the animals, as she’d been taught, by her father an indian tracker many years apart.


 But, daddy didn’t believe in ghosts, and he said, “Move out, and shut up!” Thinks, he’s smart.


Daddy scares me so, as I believe just like my mama,

Who knows these woods look suspiciously uncommon.


 Daddy pushes the team further using his verbal tones and fright.

The horses neighed loudly and I had no sight. All along, I knew mama was right.

“Stand up to him, mama, unless we’re killed and the forest goblins eat us and we not return!”


 SO, mama climbs out from her stance and took the beasts reigns

And led those horses away from what seemed untamed.


 The equine was now settled down, and Papa still taunted Mama for “creating more problems. 


Today we can’t get through the wood today, woman! All because you disobeyed!” He sneered as always with his terrifying grey eyes. I think he felt belittled. 


 She glared with her steel blue eyes of threat,

“Go ahead kill us, but remember and regret.

The forest is alive with goblins and cats and flying creatures similar to bats.”



When I grew up another forest was laying before me. I had two children holding my hand, but there wasn’t a “papa or a mama.” It was me and my two children, alone entering The Forest of No Return. How I then wished for a papa or a mama, but the reality was ferocious and I was it, the one who is to lead us through.



Should I pray for a man? What is a man that we should need one in such times of fear and dread? I didn’t know, as I had not found one, yet who’s stood up to goblins, ghouls and witches. 



They, the host of evil dreads, suck the life from lost families that travel through woods and this I know first hand. And, I am unprepared for storms. Especially when the downfall is in The Forest. I understand, those who can’t win battles, get gobbled up by those evil dreads. And the terrors seem greater than cattle, birds, foxes and wild hogs and especially larger than a mother and two children traveling alone. Surely we would be devoured and not see the light on the other side. Surely, we will faint from the taunting of the ghosts, ghouls and witches.



And this is what I know to be true. Prepare for all wild things to bombast you before you enter The Forest of No Return. Lead your horses to the gentle waters to drink during the journey. Sit there with them and rest by the rivers’ shore. 



When you do reach the other side, your daughter will be a grown up and your son will be a man. She will look like you. She will take her offspring to the forest’s edge and she will stand similar to you and he will be strong just like papa. He will bring the food and prepare the meals as you walk through the winter trees until the spring has turned the tender leaves green. 

4 thoughts on “The Forest of No Return. A Halloween Tale

  1. This story could have so many different meanings — abuse father, single parenting, or the strength woman draws from the knowledge that she is responsible for the well-being of her children. (The way my computer is displaying it some sentences are on top of each other so it’s hard to make out — perhaps deliberate?) Love the imagery, the character resolve, the hope that squeaks through the desperation.

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    1. Thanks for trying to read it as the formatting really messed it up and I don’t know how to fix it… I wrote it for a friend and hardly remember why… but thanks so much for being patient with the print. I might remove it as now that I’mm reading it, it is discombobulated …


    1. Thanks Dune Mouse… I wrote it when sleepwalking (I think) I woke up to read it the next morning and had to remove it for repair! LOL… Seriously, I was more than half asleep… Thanks though!

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