So say goodbye my pretty pretty pretty blue eyes.

This is another Halloween poetry challenge picture and my entry into Alan Boles A Poets Haven on FB


Would you care for tea, my dear?
The Thyme and Mugwort will close your perfect blue eyes
Rest easy my love while this hare is near
And I shan’t tell you lies.

Now follow me into the forest of dreams
Stepping on wet twigs and leaves
The dew and damp of the forest floor
Will silence your steps from thieves

Fear me not, fair lady, as I lead you this way
Come hither, now quickly, my dear
The evening is come; it’s the end of day
What’s that on your cheek, ah, but ~ a tear?

How silly it is to cry for your hope
When nothing is happening here
Have more tea, pretty one, and do not mope
For into the woods, now bid your adieus.

Say goodbye, my dear
Now you’ve sipped the tea
And the path shall vanish with tears
Into the woods forever, that’s eternal with me

So say goodbye my pretty, pretty, pretty blue eyes.

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