Dreams Sublime By Bonnie Jennings


Dreams Sublime 
By Bonnie Jennings

There are stairs that I climbed
Obscure and vague
Stars shown in the darkness
Not a cloud in the sky
And I climbed toward the blue cloud
Angels peeped and watched silently
A place called dreamland lay sublime
Not our place, but another quite unusually divine

While ascending she bit an apple and smiled
The spirit seemed twisted, not right, she implied
Fingers signally, “Come hither.” 
Ignoring the voices, I moved forward
They were dim, not bright as Elysium’s promise
But while I traveled, they sought to distract my flight
Again, moving away, as best one could
They grabbing my shins and touching my hair
Spit, from the apple, drooling, she glared
Provoking my thoughts, Succubus dared

The chasms before reaching the blue cloudy space
Yelled and screamed demanding their voice
Steadying and sober moving way past their daunts
They got angrier and madder, as I progressed
It seemed forever my flight on the escalator divine
Screaming to close to my ears and eyesight
And once I learned how to ignore their threats
Their screams dissipated and my fears regressed
And Elysium’s doorway opened when I turned away
She then welcomed me with endearing arms that day


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