Poetry Challenged for October 2015 @ A Poet’s Haven or Tessha’s Poetry on FB hosted by Alan Boles

These poems are a collection of challenge poetry that I wrote at A Poet’s Haven or Tessha’s Poetry that is hosted by Alan Boles on FB. If you are interested in these kind of challenges please contact Alan Boles at any of these FB sites. He actually has Tessha’s Romance group and many other types.


October 2015 All Poetry by Bonnie Jennings

Images from A Poet’s Haven stock and Tesshas’

Come and enter The Autumn 2015 Poetry Collection

Sometimes spooky and sometimes not, so scary. But, welcome!


Dreaming and entering life because we choose to fight our human battles... Now fight with faith Believe

The lights in the forest blinded my eyes

Beams shining everywhere, from up above

There was a haze on the floor over the dew

The sidewalk lit from the rays, rain bowed hue

See! There walking a woman amidst the ruins

Passing, without being, a part of our world

I wondered  who she was and where she’s come

And thought of where she was going ~

And where she belonged


She began to dance with the red dress twirling

An old woman she was when the dirge started

Then a girl appeared within the swirling

The music changed when the old women departed


The Fairies Ring sought I their power

Kneeling to listen to hear over their tower

Yielding my strength, humbling, not cowering

They hold mysteries that maidens desire


The blood red streamed visibilis for all to see

The white snow tainted with murder or so it seemed

The detectives studied the patterns that it flowed

Noticing a woman at the end of a robe

The smell of death permitted the scene

Fear and evil robbed all tranquility 

A Pine limb snapped with ice from a breeze

A shiver of aloneness over came any beliefs

What ever happened took away his peace

The sergeant touched the blood dripped leaf

Then noticed it was simply a ribbon that fell from a tree


Blue and multi greens the eyes of red within the dream

Male or female the entity never stated

But, wondering what it wanted of me

It stood like steel in my memories and themes

Then left abruptly without making a scene

Faintly remembering when showering within the steam

The blue face of a being who said its name “Memes.”

The life circle. The Golden Ratio, Fibonacci
The life circle. The Golden Ratio, Fibonacci

There are stairs that I climbed

Obscure and vague

Stars shown in the darkness

Not a cloud in the sky

And I climbed toward the blue cloud

Angels peeped and watched silently

A place called dreamland lay sublime

Not our place, but another quite unusually divine


While ascending she bit an apple and smiled

The spirit seemed twisted, not right

Fingers signally, “come hither.”

Ignoring the voices, I moved forward

They were dim, not bright as Elysium’s promise

But while I traveled, they sought to distract my flight

Again, moving away as best one could

They grabbing my shins and touching my hair

Spit down the mouth from the apple, she glared

Provoking my thoughts, Succubus dared


The chasms before reaching the blue cloudy space

Yelled and screamed demanding their voice

Steadying and sober moving way past their daunts

They got angrier and madder as I progressed

It seemed forever my flight on the escalator divine

Learning to close my ears and my eyesight

And once I learned how to ignore their threats

Their screaming dissipated and all my fears regressed

And Elysium’s doorway opened when I turned away

She then welcomed me with endearing arms that day


Reading the spells carefully memorizing the lines

Practicing the rhythms with certainty of time

Purposed intently the mantra heralds harbingers

The creatures it brings by wagging the forefingers


Birds flitting surrounding her hair

Pearls and black lace and  a key of the heirs

Tempestuous tendrils for God’s sake

Tattoos with his name and a book of snakes


There will be no escaping the spell that she casts

The prince has no hope unless he reverses the past

The Gothic Red Witch has spellbound him again

And that, my friend, is simply sad and grim


The guardian walked through the infinite universe, inspecting

How the systems were spinning and kept time

Wading through space like water, and

Swimming to distant lonely spaces, waving

The hands as if they were wands, creating

A place called Heaven, and a place called hell 

A place called Elysium, the home

Where souls gather and swing blissfully on

Seats hewed from magnificent wood, on

Days when springtimes don’t end

Awaiting forever the solstice return

Believing that one day soon

That God shall lead us home


Would you care for tea, my dear?

The Thyme and Mugwort will close your perfect blue eyes

Rest easy my love while this hare is near

And I shan’t tell you lies.


Now follow me into the forest of dreams

Stepping on wet twigs and leaves

The dew and damp of the forest floor

Will silence your steps from thieves


Fear me not, fair lady, as I lead you this way

Come hither, now quickly, my dear

The evening is come; it’s the end of day

What’s that on your cheek, ah, but ~ a tear?


How silly it is to cry for your hope

When nothing is happening here

Have more tea, pretty one, and do not mope

For into the woods, now bid, your adieus


Say goodbye, my dear

Now you’ve sipped the tea

And the path shall vanish with tears

Into the woods forever, that’s eternal with me

So say goodbye now my pretty pretty pretty blue eyes



I refuse to open my eyes and if I could, I shan’t hear

You called me beautiful, but you lied, I have just one tear

The crevasse have bolted their paths getting at my soul

But nothing will take it from me, never sold.

It is mine alone to give on any day

And I will not give lest you try to slay

You are dismissed now, go far far away

Forever isolated in granite I will exist, dethroned

Alone! This woman’s heart has turned to hard cold stone.


Awe fair maiden why can’t you see

My love for you grows as the swells of the great sea

Locking your love far away from me

Tis surreally a shame for you and me

I but a man of fancy and lust

Still look upon you without as animals must

Fairer are you than the green meadows of Lark

And dreams of kissing you are left now in dark

I shall miss your heart so warm’

And I will never know how much we belong

Goodbye beautiful lass whose breasts are granite

Tis a shame your soul left this planet.


The evidence is everywhere simply look

A bubble of fluids and shattered glass in the sink

A curtain veil torn down the center

Life as it seems is not existent


Say what you want or say what’s told you

But just glance around this way and that

Notice the little things called Deja Vu

Then observe the mysterious black cat


If you don’t notice little nuances

Then, keep on without taking glances

The world as it seems will keep on going

But, noticing a difference, then maybe you’re all knowing

 Lastly, A Boy Runs Away


Running away, the adventurous road before me

I, a young boy, but older than they think

The road up and down, I’ve traveled before

I’m running away, just let me be


My Pa died and mama’s always crying

No money it seems,

It’s destroyed her dreams, and

I’m running away, cause mama’s dying


The church steeple stands out

It’s a little bit away

I’ll stop for a drink ~

Then, I’ll be on my way

I’m running away, can’t really stay


While walking to the church, and

Along the way ~

My mom pulls up in our old Chevrolet

“Where are you heading? Jump in the sedan.” 

“Going to work, because I’m a man.”

I hope you enjoyed some of the 2015 Autumn Collection

©2015 Bojenn @ WordPress.com. All Rights Reserved (for each poem).

Thank you for asking permission. All photographs or images came from A Poet’s Haven or Tessha’s Poetry

5 thoughts on “Poetry Challenged for October 2015 @ A Poet’s Haven or Tessha’s Poetry on FB hosted by Alan Boles

    1. Thank you Ms. Erika! There is a season for all things, would you agree? Fall is like magic as it’s the last hurrah of life for a year. It usher’s in darkness and coldness that are the ingredients for the creating of stories as winter brings us inward. The opposite times are true for the Southern Hemispheres, but either way, the introspection gives us what we need to write..

      I’m getting philosophical, my apologize, as I’m feeling the gift this weekend with the weather changing in the southern US.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Alan. I always appreciate your supportive nature.

      Also organizing all the poems that you challenge your groups to write, which I didn’t mention all of your poetry groups, it helps me to see them in order and also I can see what I’ve learned or can make changes to…

      All of us on your groups seem to really love you Alan and I’m not just saying that. ❤


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