Midnight All Hallows Eve







Ghost Stallion and Spirit Bones of Fear
Entered the stage one eve of Halloween’s midnight
But, without one single solitary human cheer
And the men folks teeth chattered exhibiting fright
The more they trembled, the more the apparition neared,
Simultaneously, the ghost stallion challenged and reared


Shaking, my scrawny knees clattered
My fingers turned blue gripping
Frozen to my spot my body faltered
My legs won’t move while they’re sitting
And, there my body exhibited fear and halted                                                                                                                                                                                

Then, my mind told those frozen appendages to “GET UP and GET GOING!”


So ~ Courageously I stood with bones clattering
Shaking my voice sounded shattering
Muscles strengthening with sinews firing
Standing at that stallion and pointing down it’s hammering
Stood there, I without quaking
I told that SOB to go to HELL without my voice breaking


And that dark spirit left when I became The Sons of God whilst in the making.

*Note: Poetry challenge at A Poet’s Haven hosted by Alan Boles FB 2015

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