Having Feverish Dreams

I can’t explain all the why’s but it simply was this way and actually much more, but if I had to put the dream into a poetic sense it would read like an Edgar Allan Poe poem… My version is like this…
One time, it was at midnight, feverish thoughts invaded
t’was many repressed fears and woes cerebrally persuaded
there laying on damp pillows tossed
came a tapping of a ghost seemingly lost
as if there was a distant message
rapping so gently donning a persuading vestige
i bid the ghoul farewell in hopes that it not dwell
in my mind, while I slept, feverish dreams foretell
November it was, damp and the air chilled
Alone without humans but with animals filled
The room and was company for a unfulfilled soul
Who convalesced alone standing at the gates of scheol
Calling my name from distant shores
Turning me back through countless dreams of opened doors
One voice remained who I do not know
She sounded like a mother an angel aglow
Go Back! She pointed, “You must return.”
And turning I, towards the stern
joined my animals who kindly bid me home

Thanking all lovely thoughts today

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