Father Time and Sophia






Stopping time for what seems a moment

Studying a parallel significant omen
God carries Sophia to enlighten each path
Discovering the secrets by illuminating the empath
She knows where it’s going
She knows how it’s flowing
And Father Time gives Sophia full reign
Wisdom of The Universe she doesn’t just entertain
And together the two in parallel caves
Keep track of life and all of the slaves
Hiding from full light
Yet revealing their might
Through prayer of heathens, pagans and demons
Father Time and Sophia read many books of reasons
And for us who live above
The Father and Sophia sent a dove
That man and beast not sojourn lost and forlorn
But, Man and beast find peace in a baby born
From within the cave of Father Times own son
There, Sophia taught him everything, for everyone
Engineered salvation from mankind decision
Keeping the lost from forever choosing oblivion

Thanking all lovely thoughts today

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