Dedicated to my daughter Elysia Warne Elrod
By Bonnie Jennings
A vision, there, a fairy bright
She bends to touch flowers of lights
Am I dreaming or is this real?
The most beautiful place, is so surreal.
May I stay here, but for awhile?
No, not now, but may visit, my child
How may I come, If there’s no road?
At nighttime, while sleeping, from your abode
We’ll come and escort you when dreaming assured
And let you play amongst Elysium’s flowers and stars
© 2016 WordPress. All Rights Reserved
Fairy image from Pinterest and the artist name was not displayed.


Simply Stargazing Fairies


Just simply star gazing while sitting hanging over a cliffs ledge

Lyre in hand and a verse on her lips and a flame holding a vowed pledge

The sea cares not while it chronically rolls in and out with the demanding tides

A working relationship once ordained by The Moon, no surprise

Oh, how brightly the stars shine so many truths and no lies

That’s why she sits there perched to watch and hear their cries

Tales from other galaxies, as well, the heavens, do tell and share 

The mystical fairy weaves the wise lyrics into an enchanting tunes

Only the secrets reveal magic during the flight of a maverick

Under the wings spread during the night held by a silvery Loon.


By Bonnie Jennings

©2016 All Rights Reserved


For the illustration or image, again I don’t have an artists name. This is disappointing because they should be recognized.. My apologize, Oh talented one…

Step in Time, while cleaning grout


~ Meanwhile during grout cleaning, the imagination of dancing on roofs covered in suet seems appealing.

Sometimes I wish for a world of sheer magic and innocence. One where penguins dance alongside of Dick Van Dyke in Marry Poppins and chimney sweepers dance on rooftops on grey wintery nights at dusk just for magical amusement of those who can see.

Step in time, step in time
Step in time, step in time
Never need a reason, never need a rhyme
You step in time, you step in time”

Now VOTE FOR Women!

“Step in Time!’


Back to the grout and the reality.


Here’s another video from innocent America 1950’s… So, while cleaning grout here’s to Mitch





Yours Forever

Yours Forever

By Bonnie Jennings​
(The Cynical Me)



Forever is unmeasured
Maybe forever plus a day
Forever could be a moment
in just one single rainbow’s ray
Time has many dimensions
Where dreams do seem to whirl
Forever is a promise
That is defined by the surreal
When you say “forever”
My eyes are able sleuths
Forever is in a conjured imagination
That rarely holds any real or any tangible truths

Downy Prayers

Downy Prayers

Prayers to my children’s children



A blanket of prayers covers you, lest you should need them one day

Waiting gently and patiently, the prayers linger and stay

Encircling your delicate ego, and holding your spirit, prayers are

Always there when you need them, even when traveling afar

Just remember a mother does love you, Her prayers are similar to stars

Each day when you think you need one, simply reach, and they’ll always be there.



Lirica inspirados por nuestros vecinos

Gracias Marie para la traducción de mi poema “Tratar de encontrar Inicio “. Gracias, estoy muy honrado .

Google traduce esto espero que expresa mi intención hornored .

Maria Cecilia Medina Gutierrez

blauge reiter ubueng

El día de ayer  leí un poema de Bonnie Jennings bloggera autora poesías entre ellas  “Trying to find Home”.  Este  poema trata sobre una lucha entre seres fantásticos por hallar el bienestar y la salud. En la historia Un ser que se encuentra  atrapado por engaños en las redes de venenosas alimañas que amenazan su vida , pero finalmente un hado llamado Joe la libera. Me pareció que su poema que era una buena metáfora de situaciones reales de los seres humanos donde  a veces necesitamos a veces tales hados .  Bonnie confirmó mi intuición añadiendo que le  gustaba de los textos con doble sentido , donde también se esconden lecciones de vida.  Personalmente necesito tomarme tiempo  y espacio especial  de tranquilidad, para leer lentamente , pensar en el sentido de los textos. No he hecho muchos experimentos con la escritura de poemas o lírica  pero ella me preguntó si las…

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Youtube Videos I like, a little of this and that on spiritual matters


First, and latest video I’ve listened to is about The Essenes, whom are fascinating communal people, who may have directed and taught Jesus Christ.

This is an excellent commentary on who they were and their spiritual significance.

Thank you John Widener for finding this video and sharing it with The Sanctuary of The Holy Sophia.




Next Youtube is a Celtic rock group named Runrig who do many old classic Celtic songs with a rock flare…

They’re great.

The Invisible World of Wars


Holding protectively L’infant
From the surrounding Angel of abducting darkness
In mercy and vengeance Gabriel secures the child
Whether from life or death with resurrection
From within the invisible world the battle is fought


By Bonnie Jennings ©2016 All Rights Reserved
Photograph from A Poet’s Haven stock
Poem submitted for poetry challenge at A Poet’s Haven on FB and is under the direction of Alan Boles

The Martian Surface

The Martian surface has numerous places of interest as we’ve, a FB friend, my daughter, and myself, scanned the surface many times by enlarging, decreasing, enlarging, scoping in on several target areas of suspicion and question.

Perhaps you would like to search and scan for ?  What?

Life, water, old structures, alien objects and any other place of question and interest.

This is a panoramic view of Mars produced and released by:

MSL 1112 M-34 by Neville Thompson




Thank you Mr. Thompson for your gallery of pictures that you have presented freely for all of us to look at, ponder, admire and wonder beyond our wildest dreams. Mars looks so authentic now to me.

I hope you too are fascinated by the possibilities of life beyond our planet.

Daily Prompt: A Reason To Believe

Daily Prompt is A Reason To Believe


What are the other options if we have no faith or belief in something? 

Everyone believes in something whether it is Atheism, Gnosis, Science or any other traditional formed belief system or unconventional.

Belief is embedded in man, so I believe. It is natural just as a dog believes man will give it fresh food and water each day and is dependent on its faith in man’s task and it is natural.

When we look at The Universe and say, we don’t believe, than what? How do we persuade blind men to see beyond their eyes or a deaf man to hear without vibrations?

It is impossible to make a man have vision if there is no embedded imagination which is a gift by a greater force than humankind.



“A man will perish who has no vision.” Proverbs 29:18

Lesson 10 Blogging University 101


Lesson 10 Blogging University 101

The Blogroll and the lesson





There are people who touch us in wonderful ways emotionally, or just because of unknown supernatural chill factors (you know what I mean), they inspire us and I want to mention some of my friends that I’ve made over the years at WordPress that have encouraged and supported my work. Sometimes I think they have been more of a friend to me than I have to them, so I want to give a mention of my deepest appreciation.

First to Erika Kind who is an encourager and a cheerleader to all bloggers and that’s what she does with her blogging time. She gives awards and mentions and boosts of praise to those of you who love writing. So thank you Erika. You can find her WordPress site @ https://erikakind.wordpress.com

Second mention goes to Buffalo Peabody who always makes me laugh. Thank you for that! You will find his illustrations on @Buffalopeabody https://buffalotompeabodyblog.wordpress.com

Third mention goes to The Dune Mouse who writes enchanting stories and takes brilliant photographs and is super kind and supportive of my stuff. Thank you Dune Mouse! You will find her @ The dune mouse  https://cybeleshineblog.wordpress.com

My last mention (but certainly not least) mention goes to FB friend, poet and host of many poetry sites on FB. The one I mostly meet him at is A Poet’s Haven and there in the evenings he posts poetry challenges everyday. And, you will find Alan on FB @https://www.facebook.com/search/top/?q=a%20poet’s%20haven

So for today these are my mentions and my thanks and praise.




Fascinating People in History


He, John Dee, was a commoner who received an education at Cambridge along with the elite in the 17th Century. Sometimes he was invited into Queen Elizabeth’s I court.

This is the article from The Telegraph and it reads:


In those dark times,” as the 17th-century antiquary John Aubrey observed, “astrologer, mathematician and conjurer were accounted the same things.”

And furthermore ~

“The life of John Dee, the pre-eminent magician of the Elizabethan age, remains shrouded in mystery. Can his library, on display for the first time, shed new light?


John Dee (The Man Who Spoke to Angels)


And then the next article is from Culture 24 and it reads:


I hope that you also enjoyed these two articles about John Dee, a fascinating person in history.

Shadow People

Mimsi Flowers and Notions

Shadows on my walls are silent
Yet, wield stories; often violent
Because messages must be told
Within my self, my heart does hold
And the stories that were uttered
Hushed intrusive others
Surrounded by the shadowy figures
In silence, I mouthed their nameless brothers
Walking in the past held memories
The dreams of my enemies
Explaining their inner pains
Listening, though I kept their refrain
Then my pneuma knew for certain
The tear of that curtain
From whence the shadows came
Stepped out from him and is to blame
And in the darkness were several lights
Beaming hundreds, of tiny sights
Music heard from here and there
Sounds vibrating ghostly everywhere
And the birth of a tiny star did shape
Within that void
Troubled stories within shadows of souls
Well, laugh at me if you must!
The lost brothers who had no trust
Listen cowards with opened ears
Listen closely…

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Manifesting; The Lottery Numbers



Possible or not? Is the Universe dropping hints all around us and are we missing the signs, the clues because we are distracted or because it wasn’t meant to be? Are we like little gods or are we little wisps of life that show up here and there throughout a linear dimension called time? Are these insignificant wisps called life just a simple part of a universe of chaos and no real meaning? Is all of this just an accident of perfect physical science but erratic and without significance?

This question is the most asked and thought of quest of almost every human being on this planet. Are we like god/gods and have his/her character or are we an accidental nothing?

To add, If we are images and made in the form of god then we should be able to hear, understand, gain and manifest things. Do we start small and then in time become bigger and not ever maturing because we are not God and never will be. However, we strive to be like him because he said to do this task and manifesting anything whether it is pocket change, lunch, a home, a trip, transportation, legal matters, health or even the lottery he said to act like him and do the miracles. He does’t care if you’re asking for the lottery, he says, “You have not because you ask not.” He is looking for those with faith and those who can manifest through faith. This was an exercise given to all men in the hopes that we receive because we believe.

Second point, if we are insignificant and an accident of chaos without purpose and meaning, then why do we care so badly, why do we hurt for others, and how is it we empathize, sympathize or the opposite do cruel things?

There must be forces here on this planet. Whether they are magnetically controlled or spiritual is just a guess and perhaps both.

Now back to the lottery and the winning numbers. I will not make a judgement on someone because they want to win the lottery. I will not make a judgment on those who have moral issues with it whether it is believed to be sinful one way or another.

Do you realize they, the numbers, are there in The Universe waiting for someone to find them correctly. Are the numbers floating around or are they locked up in a treasure box that must be cracked? Are the numbers reserved for the lucky? Are they floating around in the atmosphere? Do spirits tell the winners? Are people intuitive when they when? Which wraps my thoughts up to … can we figure this puzzle out? Can we find the numbers before they’re drawn? Do people already do that on occasion or is their guessing a fluke of nature?

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 and so forth

What are the numbers?  What are your guesses? I promise I won’t steal…


Photograph is from A Poet’s Haven stock on FB


About Moi ~ The Bio of Bonnie Jennings

“Stop! Faeries or fairies, for those with vision and fancy only. The serious minded, NEED NOT ENTER. Go away. Close the door. Lock and bolt it from the thieves of imagination.” Bojenn (moi)




Welcome! Please come into the magical comfort of my blog. In my blog you will read my poetry, and the poetry of others; you will be introduced to other bloggers that I find fascinating; you might read posts about alchemy to individual targeting (TI’s); or conspiracy theories; Astrology; and such the like.

My core belief is in Christianity with Gnosticism found in The Gospel of Enoch, Mary Magellan, Phillip, Thomas and some I’ve failed to mention and I write from their perspectives. I lived for over 35 years as a born again Bible thumper. Thankfully for others sake, I will not return. The entire package, with gnosis, is much more freeing and easier, without judgments and accusations. I choose to be free from the bondage of legalism, but I don’t judge you for your beliefs whatever they maybe unless that belief system harms children, humans or animals. 

I try to teach about the different angels and their positions and what they do for mankind. You see, praying is knowing how to use the angels who are waiting for you to ask. And knowing something about them, so that you can summon their powers and assistance is essential to moving unmovable mountains. And that’s what you and I want to do, right? We want to see our prayers and petitions answered. 

I also am able to learn, as I teach my readers, and it’s usually through my poetry. We are all students and that includes me. 


Please feel free to contact me if you need prayer advise. I will try to get back with you as soon as possible.

My email: Jennings.bonnie1952@gmail.com

Thank you.




The Bio of Bonnie G  Jennings or Bojenn

Bonnie Jennings was born in New Orleans, LA, USA and from there she moved with her family to several different paces, California, Oklahoma, Texas, Louisiana again, Arizona, Puerto Rico, Atlanta Ga, Miami and Ft Lauderdale Fl and now residing in The Piney Woods of East Texas. She has travelled to South America on three occasions, Europe, France, England, and Rome. She studied Shakespeare at Stratford Upon Avon, UK. She spent summer in Beckington, England 1969 while attending summer school.

At nine years old she had a fascination with the stars. Her father taught her from his time spent in WWII as a navigator, and from that relationship, Bonnie became consumed with astrology, mythology, religions, Christianity, Gnosis or Gnostic Christianity and other esoteric beliefs. She wrote poetry at a young age and also short stories. She has had experiences with attending exorcisms and was taught about spiritual warfare. This book, The Secret Lives of Fairy Godmother’s, Witches and Angels arose from her 63 years of study.

She has two children, 6 pets, a wonderful supporting sister, and another sister who left home 47 years ago and never returned.

By profession she has an AS-ADN in RN and has been a psychiatric nurse for the past fifteen years, and spent 8 years prior to psych in medical.

From 1972 through 1988 she was a flight attendant for Eastern Airlines.

In 1999 she competed her first novel, a sci-fy, and their home burned down and she lost the entire book.

She often fantasizes about the leading character, who has never left her side. His name was/is  Zeta, a special angel. 



This is Bonnie’s next novel and it is to be released soon is Ta DA!


The Secret Lives of Fairy Godmothers, Witches and Angels



The story began, in thought, or by vision first. It goes like this.

It was during a thunder storm in 2009, that it manifested when there was shaking from the skies above her home.

A deluge of rain was pouring down at night. When one of the lightening bolts flashed across the sky, Bonnie watched out her back windows.

She imagined or visualized an older woman stepping out from that storm and from lightning flashes, and onto her soggy wet backyard.

The woman came to help her through a traumatic period of time, though at first, Bonnie was afraid of her sudden manifestation and appearance, she began to trust and accept the supernatural assistance. 

This is where and when this book began.  

An older English woman named Eleanor came to help her write this story, and help her survive life at that time. 





The next post, ‘According To My Mother I Was Little Miss Sunbeam, has for reasons unknown to me, received more hits (2nd) of any of my other stuff. “I don’t know why, honestly, but I thought that it should be posted under It’s all about Moi.


Photoshopped or Real? Aliens on The Moon

My curiosity for aliens and their contact with humans came when I was 9 years old. You see, my father was a mechanical engineer and worked at Morton Thiokol. He designed missiles and rockets. He contributed to The Nike Hercules and Zeus Series way back when life was innocent 1950’s and 60’s. Jim, my father, had an encounter of the 3rd kind and possibly the 4th. He was debriefed by the MIB, The Men in Black, flown to Washington and had Project Blue Book thrown down his throat. Daddy wasn’t usually a frightened man, but those boys intimidated him. The person he confided in was a 9 year old who he thought was clueless and would never remember the things he told her. That 9 year old was me. He gave me a rock like iron ore, that had physical properties that real iron ore or any other rock or stone has on this planet. The rock is missing now. (sad face)

 Now, for the article and film clip about missing NASA film and was there an alien being seen on The Moon by the Apollo Astronauts?
This video excerpt from youtube is impressive. The timing matches the actions or movements of the alien, the voice is that of Neil Armstrong or Buzz Aldrin, I’m not sure whose voice we’re hearing.
Most people say this is a fake. I say, Huh … Let’s investigate further. 
“Published on Sep 16, 2015

Smuggled Project Blue Book film reveals definitive proof of alien on Moon. Shot during 2 minute radio silence period of Apollo 11 mission. Neil Armstrong and Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin witnessed this incident shortly after landing Apollo 11 on the moon. At the time this happened, the live television broadcast was interrupted for two minutes due to a claimed “overheated camera”.”

“This is a 16mm film recording of the original live video transmission, sent directly to the US government but blocked from public broadcast. The film was recently smuggled from an undisclosed government location.”




Real or not? Are we alone on Planet Earth?

Excerpts from Wikipedia articles say this:


Someone is lying. If I were a lie detector, I would register, that last statement is an untruth, NTSC.


And a RIP salute for David Bowie

Widgets 101

next on to do list

The Daily Post

Earlier this week, Krista talked about ways to get widgety on your blog. You’ll find an assortment of widgets in your dashboard (by going to Appearance » Widgets), waiting patiently for you to activate them! So, now what? Let’s zoom in on several ways to transform your sidebar and enhance your site with different widgets.

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Hi Marge, I Have Bourbon

The About Me Page. Make it Irresistible Darling

Blogging University 101 Day 6

“Stop! Faeries or fairies, for kids only. The serious banker need not enter. Go away. Close the door. Lock and bolt it from the thieves of imagination.” BJ

These are somethings that I’ve learned about writing from a WordPress blogging 101 class.

This is beneficial when writing poetry, as well, and if you want to try it, then here it is. This is how it goes (shortened version).

There is a task to be completed in 90 seconds and that is write down 1-3 things you want your audience to feel, think, and do, when they read your blog, story or poetry.

Task 1: My examples, if anyone wants to read and try this exercise.
1) To feel warmth
2) To think deeply
3) To do; laugh, cry and feel

If anyone wants to find out something about yourself and what you’re wanting to say, this will help you to know yourself as a writer. Some of write and really don’t know why. I’m in that category, too.

I hope you will also enjoy this exercise. heart emoticon

Next (step 2) is action. Taking action about self

Who are we? And, what will attract others? Why should they read your blog? What makes me enjoyable or worthy to be read?

Not sure… Thinking… It’s all about Moi

1) Animal Magnent

2) Golightly Poetess of Deep Water

3) Daughter of Jim

4) Anxiety Bride

That’s about as good as it gets right now….

Third action: Bring them inside. Don’t wait. Don’t delay. Start at sentence 1, then 2, then 3 etc…less than 2 minutes… Bang the starting gun fires…. And I’m off ~

My example is this:

Stop! Faeries or fairies, for kids only. The serious banker need not enter. Go away. Close the door. Lock and bolt it from the thieves of imagination.

4th Action: The really, really, really tough part; Narrowing down me to a short version. One sentence preferred. The hook. The worm. The warm beverage that brings in the reader on a cold wintery night into my tavern (experience).

I always loved the movie Arsenic and Old Lace, Harvey and Peggy Sue Got Married. What do those 3 movies have in common?

How the writers turned poisoning men with arsenic into humor and we accepted it as silly and fun, and another about psychosis made into a film that makes one gut laugh at alcoholism and an invisible rabbit. And the last one about time traveling. For just one magical moment, the  viewer thinks it is possible to visit a deceased loved one.  It is an amber moment back in time when life appeared good and simple. Isn’t is astonishing and  it all so magical that just a story could touch someone so profoundly.

Now, to narrow down my own 4th action.

You are welcome inside the story. Please, sit down and become cozy ~

5th Action: Tell, you, my audience about my ABOUT PAGE, as if, we are sitting together having coffee. Say or write it, as if, this was a conversation and not a story…


Hello Marge, would you like to have bourbon today? I want to run my thoughts by you. You’re busy? Oh, I see. I tell you what, I’ll shorten the me stuff. How about that? We’ll just have a shot or two, okay? You know, I’m discovering that life is way too short. I just arrived 63 years ago. What is your latest discovery?

Oh, I need to shorten this…. One short bait.

Hi Marge. I have Bourbon. 

PS… I promise to make this more serious. It’s just that at 63 years old, I’m still uncertain about who and what I am. The older I get, the more complicated life seems, so I try to make humor for myself and hopefully for others. Life is way too serious and I’m now learning this lesson. Relax the shoulders, mind and face. It’s all going to be all right…  For those of you who are offended by “The Bourbon” comment. I don’t apologize. It’s simply a joke.