Blogging 101 From WordPress University

Good morning!

Like many of you I’m taking this course at WordPress to help with my blogging appeal.

The first lesson really has to do with searching the articles at WordPress to learn “how to” add badges using widgets. And, I was unsuccessful in comprehending the ‘how to’s.” I will try one more time, but that’s all the effort I can give that. Time is limited like many of you.

Working and blogging is all consuming.

So, next, I studied “The Etiquette of Commenting,” and, “The Trolls” and the how to manage them on your website. I reblogged the article as I found this quite interesting. I wasn’t sure of what or who a troll is and now I know. I invite you to read the articles on “How to Comment” to them. Should we, ignore or respond? The article gives the reader tips for either path chosen. You’ll find “The Troll” articles there on “The Etiquette ” article.

Next, the first written assignment was/is to write an introduction about our self, and all of us did that when asked to do so last night. And the assignment said to write on your own wall a post about self, so that’s what I’m doing now. I’ll keep it short.

I wish that I could put that WordPress University badge on my wall by  using widgets, but I’m not there, YET.

Any way, here is a picture of me. Putting a picture up is also part of the assignment. So here I am world!

Photo on 11-1-14 at 10.24 AM

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